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The Cambridge Companion to Hippocrates

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Hippocrates is a towering figure in Greek medicine. Dubbed the 'father of medicine', he has inspired generations of physicians over millennia in both the East and West. Despite this, little is known about him, and scholars have long debated his relationship to the works attributed to him in the so-called 'Hippocratic Corpus', although it is undisputed that many of the works within it represent milestones in the development of Western medicine. In this Companion, an international team of authors introduces major themes in Hippocratic studies, ranging from textual criticism and the 'Hippocratic question' to problems such as aetiology, physiology and nosology. Emphasis is given to the afterlife of Hippocrates from Late Antiquity to the modern period. Hippocrates had as much relevance in the fifth-century BC Greek world as in the medieval Islamic world, and he remains with us today in both medical and non-medical contexts.

The first comprehensive introduction to the topic

An international team of contributors provides accessible guides to various approaches and themes

Pays equal attention to 'Hippocrates' and the 'Hippocratic Corpus', including its rich afterlife

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Pormann Peter
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Peter E. Pormann is Professor of Classics and Graeco-Arabic Studies at the University of Manchester. His main research interests are the transmission of Greek medical and scientific knowledge into the Islamic tradition, as well as the engagement over the centuries of Jews, Christians and Muslims with the classical heritage. His recent publications include 'The Arabic Commentaries on the Hippocratic 'Aphorisms' in Oriens (with Kamran I. Karimullah), 'Medical Traditions' in Intellectual History of the Islamicate World (with Leigh Chipman, Miri Schefer-Mossensohn) and Philosophy and Medicine in the Formative Period of Islam (with Peter Adamson, 2018).

1. Introduction Peter E. Pormann

2. The 'Hippocratic question' and the nature of the Hippocratic Corpus Elizabeth Craik
3. Textual history Jacques Jouanna
4. Body Brooke Holmes
5. Aetiology Jim Hankinson
6. Epistemologies Lorenzo Perilli
7. Ethics and deontology Karl-Heinz Leven
8. Nosology Amneris Roselli
9. Therapeutics Laurence Totelin
10. Surgery Mathias Witt
11. Female patients Lesley Dean-Jones
12. Doctors and patients Chiara Thumiger
13. Galen's Hippocrates Véronique Boudon-Millot
14. Late antiquity Daniella Manetti
15. Arabo-Islamic tradition Peter E. Pormann

16. Western medicine since the Renaissance David Cantor.

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