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Strategy in the Contemporary World

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Bringing together international experts to provide a comprehensive introduction to strategic studies, this is the only overview to critically engage with both enduring and contemporary issues that dominate strategy. Throughout the chapters readers are encouraged to explore key debates and alternative perspectives. A boxed debates feature considers key controversies and presents opposing arguments, helping students to build critical thinking skills and reflect upon a wide range of perspectives.

The new edition has been thoroughly updated to incorporate the latest developments in the field of strategic studies. A new chapter 18 on 'The West and the Rest' explores the limitations and problems strategic studies face when dealing with security challenges in the Global South, stressing the importance of diversity in the field and the important contributions the non-Western world has made to international relations theories and concepts. Chapter 14 on 'Geography and Strategy' considers important developments in air power, maritime strategy and the rapid expansion of space and cyber warfare.

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Baylis John
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John Baylis is Emeritus Professor of Politics and International Relations and a former Pro-Vice Chancellor at Swansea University.

James J. Wirtz is the Dean of the School of International Graduate Studies, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

Colin S. Gray is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Studies at the University of Reading. He has advised the American and British Governments for many years.

1: Introduction: Strategy in the Contemporary World: Strategy after 9/11, John Baylis and James J. Wirtz

Part I: Enduring Issues of Strategy
2: The History of the Practice of Strategy from Antiquity to Napoleon, Beatrice Heuser
3: The Evolution of Modern Warfare, Michael Sheehan
4: Strategic Theory, Thomas G. Mahnken
5: The Causes of War and the Conditions of Peace, John Garnett and John Baylis
6: Strategic Culture, Jeffrey S. Lantis and Darryl Howlett
7: Law, Politics, and the Use of Force, Justin Morris
8: Technology and Warfare, Eliot A. Cohen
9: Intelligence and Strategy, Roger Z. George
10: Strategy and Defence Planning, Colin S. Gray
Part II: Contemporary Problems
11: Irregular Warfare: Terrorism and Insurgency, James D. Kiras
12: The Second Nuclear Age: Nuclear Weapons in the Twenty-first Century, C. Dale Walton
13: The Control of Weapons of Mass Destruction, John Baylis
14: Conventional Power and Contemporary Warfare, John Ferris
15: Geography and Strategy, Daniel Moran
16: Humanitarian Intervention and Peace Operations, Sheena Chestnut Greitens
17: The Rise of Cyberpower, John B. Sheldon
18: Geopolitics and Grand Strategy, Stefanie Ortmann and Nick Whittaker
Part III: The Future of Strategy
19: Strategic Studies: The West and the Rest, Amitav Acharya and Jiajie He
20: Strategic Studies and its Critics, Columba Peoples
21: A New Agenda for Security and Strategy?, James J. Wirtz
22: The Practice of Strategy, Colin S. Gray and Jeannie L. Johnson

23: Does Strategic Studies Have a Future?, Lawrence Freedman

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