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Several Real Variables

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This undergraduate textbook is based on lectures given by the author on the differential and integral calculus of functions of several real variables. The book has a modern approach and includes topics such as:

•The p-norms on vector space and their equivalence

•The Weierstrass and Stone-Weierstrass approximation theorems

•The differential as a linear functional; Jacobians, Hessians, and Taylor's theorem in several variables

•The Implicit Function Theorem for a system of equations, proved via Banach’s Fixed Point Theorem

•Applications to Ordinary Differential Equations

•Line integrals and an introduction to surface integrals

This book features numerous examples, detailed proofs, as well as exercises at the end of sections. Many of the exercises have detailed solutions, making the book suitable for self-study.

Several Real Variables will be useful for undergraduate students in mathematics who have completed first courses in linear algebra and analysis of one real variable.

Author: Kantorovitz Shmuel
Publisher: SPRINGER
Pages: 307
ISBN: 9783319279558
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2016

Shmuel Kantorovitz is an expert in Spectral Theory and semigroups of operators, researching in this area for 50 years, publishing numerous papers and three monographs.

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