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The Spy Who Changed History

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‘A superbly researched and groundbreaking account of Soviet espionage in the Thirties … remarkable’ 5* review, Telegraph

On the trail of Soviet infiltrator Agent Blériot, in this bestseller, Svetlana Lokhova takes the reader on a thrilling journey through Stalin’s most audacious intelligence operation.

On a sunny September day in 1931, a Soviet spy walked down the gangplank of the luxury transatlantic liner SS Europa and into New York. Attracting no attention, Stanislav Shumovsky had completed his journey from Moscow to enrol at a top American university. He was concealed in a group of 65 Soviet students heading to prestigious academic institutions. But he was after far more than an excellent education.

Recognising Russia was 100 years behind the encircling capitalist powers, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had sent Shumovsky on a mission to acquire America’s vital secrets to help close the USSR’s yawning technology gap. The road to victory began in the classrooms and laboratories of MIT – Shumovsky’s destination soon became the unwitting finishing school for elite Russian spies. The USSR first transformed itself into a military powerhouse able to confront and defeat Nazi Germany. Then in an extraordinary feat that astonished the West, in 1947 American ingenuity and innovation exfiltrated by Shumovsky made it possible to build and unveil the most advanced strategic bomber in the world.

Following his lead, other MIT-trained Soviet spies helped acquire the secrets of the Manhattan Project. By 1949, Stalin’s fleet of TU-4s, now equipped with atomic bombs could devastate the US on his command. Appropriately codenamed BLÉRIOT, Shumovsky was an aviation spy. Shumovsky’s espionage was so successful that the USSR acquired every US aviation secret from his network of agents in factories and at top secret military research institutes.

In this thrilling history, Svetlana Lokhova takes the reader on a journey through Stalin’s most audacious intelligence operation. She pieces together every aspect of Shumovsky’s life and character using information derived from American and Russian archives, exposing how even Shirley Temple and Franklin D. Roosevelt unwittingly advanced his schemes.

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Lokhova Svetlana
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Svetlana Lokhova is a By-Fellow of Churchill College, University of Cambridge (commencing April 2018). She holds an MPhil and BA (Hons) in History from University of Cambridge. "A brilliant researcher at Cambridge University, who is about to publish a startling book on a previously undetected network of Soviet spies that infiltrated American universities in the early 1930s." The Sunday Times

Svetlana’s interest in espionage history began whilst studying History at Cambridge University. Her groundbreaking Master's dissertation remains the definitive account of the founder of the Soviet intelligence service, Felix Dzerzhinsky.

She is responsible for a number of the most important archival discoveries made in recent years. Her revelations have generated substantial press coverage across the world.

Svetlana identified the Cambridge ‘Sixth Man’ Cedric Belfrage featured on the BBC Television News and Radio. The story of Britain’s ‘Hollywood Spy’ was told on a specially commissioned programme.

From her work on the ‘Mitrokhin Archive’, she found the identity of ‘MIKE’, a US Cold War KGB recruit, and revealed the KGB’s plans to recruit President Nixon’s chief physician.

She has spoken about the Mitrokhin archive on US Public Service Radio, Radio Free Europe, the BBC and ABC (Australia).

She was until recently a Fellow of the Cambridge [UK] Security Initiative jointly chaired by the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, and Professor Christopher Andrew, former Official Historian of the MI5.

Svetlana's critically acclaimed first book, The Spy Who Changed History, was published on 14 June 2018.
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