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Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide

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Learn physics at your own pace without an instructor

Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide, 3rd Edition is the most practical and reader-friendly guide to understanding all basic physics concepts and terms. The expert authors take a flexible and interactive approach to physics based on new research-based methods about how people most effectively comprehend new material. The book takes complex concepts and breaks them down into practical, easy to digest terms.

Subject matter covered includes: Newton’s Laws, Energy, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Sound And more

There are also sections explaining the math behind each concept for those who would like further explanation and understanding. Each chapter features a list of objectives so that students know what they should be learning from each chapter, test questions, and exercises that inspire deeper learning about physics.

High school students, college students, and those re-learning physics alike will greatly enhance their physics education with the help of this one-of-a-kind guide. The third edition of this book reflects and implements new, research-based methods regarding how people best learn new material. As a result, it contains a flexible and interactive approach to learning physics.

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Kuhn Karl
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KARL F. KUHN, PHD, is Professor of Physics at Eastern Kentucky University.

FRANK NOSCHESE teaches College-Preparatory Physics and Advanced Placement Physics at John Jay High School in Cross River, New York. He is a National Board Certified Teacher, New York State Master Teacher, and a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Acknowledgments vii

To the Reader xi

1 Motion 1

2 Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion 17

3 Conservation of Momentum and Energy 33

4 Gravity 51

5 Atoms and Molecules 63

6 Solids 77

7 Liquids and Gases 85

8 Temperature and Heat Energy 99

9 Change of State and Transfer of Heat Energy 111

10 Wave Motion 121

11 Sound 133

12 Diffraction, Interference, and Music 143

13 Static Electricity 159

14 Electrical Current 171

15 Magnetism and Magnetic Effects of Currents 189

16 Electrical Induction 203

17 Electromagnetic Waves 215

18 Light: Wave or Particle? 223

19 The Quantum Nature of Light 239

20 Reflection, Refraction, and Dispersion 261

21 Lenses and Instruments 281

22 Light as a Wave 301

23 Color 315

Appendix A: Scientific Notation: Powers of Ten 323

Appendix B: The Metric System 327

Index 331

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The Planets
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