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Freedom and the Construction of Europe: Volume 2 Free Persons and Free States

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Skinner Quentin
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Quentin Skinner is Barber Beaumont Professor of the Humanities, Department of History, Queen Mary, University of London.

Martin van Gelderen held the Chair of European Intellectual History at the European University from 2003 until 2012 and is now Director of the Lichtenberg Kolleg, Göttingen Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Introduction Quentin Skinner
Part I. Free Persons and Freedom of Action:
1. Human freedom and Jesuit moral theology Annabel Brett
2. Freedom and self-possession: the case of Montaigne's Essais Felicity Green
3. Autonomy and inner freedom: Lipsius and the revival of stoicism Freya Sierhuis
4. Freedom of the will as a basis for equality: Descartes, Princess Elisabeth and Poullain de la Barre Martina Reuter
5. Language as a means and an obstacle to freedom: the case of Moses Mendelssohn Avi Lifschitz
Part II. Free Citizens and the State:
6. Liberty and citizenship in early modern English political discourse Iain Hampsher-Monk
7. Free elections and freedom of speech in English republican thought Antti Tahvanainen
8. John Milton's free citizens and the politics of the family Rosanna Cox
9. Vattel's Rousseau: Jus Gentium and the natural liberty of states Theodore Christov
10. The state of freedom: Kant and his conservative critics Reidar Maliks
11. Freedom and state action in German Enlightenment thought Alexander Schmidt
12. The political conditions of free agency: the case of Mary Wollstonecraft Lena Halldenius
Part III. Freedom and the Limits of Europe:
13. The idea of freedom in missionary writings about the new world Catherine Ballériaux
14. From European to cosmopolitan freedom Fonna Forman
15. Is political freedom an Islamic value? Michael Cook.
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