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Revolutionary Europe: Politics, Community and Culture in Transnational Context, 1775-1922

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Revolutionary Europe is an original examination of radical political movements during Europe's long 19th century. It employs both national and transnational contexts, incorporating new debates in Atlantic history, empire studies and cultural history to give a comprehensive narrative of the period from 1775 to 1922.

Rather than assessing revolution as a purely theoretical, socially-driven force or a structural phenomenon, the book presents revolution as a process of community building and cultural identification born from instances of acute social and political crisis. Taking into account various moments of political upheaval during the 19th century, including the French, Russian and 1848 revolutions, it explores the ways in which political actors attempted to construct new definitions of sovereignty and social unity in a period characterized by vast social, economic and governmental change.

In a wide-ranging text that covers Britain and much of continental Europe in detail, as well as reaching out to the Americas and Atlantic and Mediterranean Worlds, Gavin Murray-Miller provides an authoritative transnational study of revolution in the 19th-century age of high nationalism.

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Murray-Miller Gavin
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Gavin Murray-Miller is Senior Lecturer in Modern European History at Cardiff University, UK. He is the author of The Cult of the Modern: Trans-Mediterranean France and The Construction of French Modernity (2017).

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1. Patriots and Citizens: America and France (1763 – 1789)

2. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death: Radicalizing the French Revolution

3. Artisans, Citoyennes and Slaves: The Meaning of Equality it a Revolutionary World

4. Taming the Furies of Revolution: Order, Disorder and Empire (1794 – 1815)

5. Transnational Revolutionaries: Post-Napoleonic Europe and the Mediterranean (1815 – 1835)

6. Socialism and Social Protest: From Reform to Radicalism (1815 – 1848)

7. The Indian Summer of Romantic Revolution: 1848 and the Reassessment of European Radicalism

8. The Revolutionary Tradition at a Crossroads: The Anarchists (1865 – 1905)

9. The Revival and Failure of Revolutionary Constitutionalism: The Russian and Ottoman Empires (1905 – 1914)

10. Forging the New Regime: War and Revolution in the Russian Empire (1914 – 1922)

Epilogue: Revolutionary Currents Beyond Europe

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