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Eulerian Numbers
This text presents the Eulerian numbers in the context of modern enumerative, algebraic, and geometr...
53,00 € -50%
26,50 €
Topology: An Invitation
This book starts with a discussion of the classical intermediate value theorem and some of its uncom...
47,70 € -49%
24,40 €
The Rise and Fall of the German Combinatorial Analysis
This text presents the ideas of a particular group of mathematicians of the late 18th century known...
58,30 € -49%
29,70 €
Convex Analysis and Beyond: Volume I: Basic Theory
This book presents a unified theory of convex functions, sets, and set-valued mappings in topologica...
58,30 € -49%
29,70 €
Stability of Dynamical Systems: On the Role of Monotonic and Non-Monotonic Lyapunov Functions
The second edition of this textbook  provides a single source for the analysis of system models repr...
84,80 € -50%
42,40 €
Exploring Classical Greek Construction Problems with Interactive Geometry Software
In this book the classical Greek construction problems are explored in a didactical, enquiry based f...
42,40 € -50%
21,20 €
The Price of Fixed Income Market Volatility
Fixed income volatility and equity volatility evolve heterogeneously over time, co-moving disproport...
63,60 € -50%
31,80 €
Algebra for Cryptologists
This textbook provides an introduction to the mathematics on which modern cryptology is based. It co...
53,00 € -50%
26,50 €
Adiabatic Quantum Computation and Quantum Annealing: Theory and Practice
Adiabatic quantum computation (AQC) is an alternative to the better-known gate model of quantum comp...
37,10 € -49%
19,10 €
Mathematical Problem Factories: Almost Endless Problem Generation
A problem factory consists of a traditional mathematical analysis of a type of problem that describe...
53,00 € -50%
26,50 €
Fractional and Multivariable Calculus: Model Building and Optimization Problems
This textbook presents a rigorous approach to multivariable calculus in the context of model buildin...
74,20 € -50%
37,10 €
Game Theory: A Classical Introduction, Mathematical Games, and the Tournament
This book is a formalization of collected notes from an introductory game theory course taught at Qu...
37,10 € -49%
19,10 €
Principles of Continuum Mechanics: A Basic Course for Physicists
This book addresses the basic concepts of continuum mechanics, that is, the classical field theory o...
40,30 € -47%
21,20 €
Variational Views in Mechanics
This volume provides a timely survey of interactions between the calculus of variations and theoreti...
106,00 € -50%
53,00 €
Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations: Analysis, Approximation, and Applications
This is a book on optimal control problems (OCPs) for partial differential equations (PDEs) that evo...
74,20 € -50%
37,10 €


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