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Team Human
Team Human is a manifesto—a fiery distillation of preeminent digital theorist Douglas Rushkoff’s mos...
€17.50 -10%
Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future
An accessible, compelling introduction to today’s major policy issues from columnist, best-selling a...
€19.20 -10%
Energy's Digital Future: Harnessing Innovation for American Resilience and National Security
Disruptive digital technologies are poised to reshape world energy markets. A new wave of industrial...
€36.70 -10%
Trading at the Speed of Light: How Ultrafast Algorithms Are Transforming Financial Markets
In today’s financial markets, trading floors on which brokers buy and sell shares face-to-face have...
€31.40 -10%
Justice Is an Option: A Democratic Theory of Finance for the Twenty-First Century
More than ten years after the worst crisis since the Great Depression, the financial sector is thriv...
€31.40 -10%
Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins
Winner of the 2016 Victor Turner Prize in Ethnographic Writing, Society for Humanistic Anthropolog...
€20.90 -10%
Cryptocurrency: How Digital Money Could Transform Finance (WIRED Guides)
The past decade has seen the relentless rise of cryptocurrency as an alternative form of digital cur...
€12.60 -10%
Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire
SHORTLISTED FOR FT & MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR 2020FT Best books of 2020"This powerful...
€14.00 -10%
Crossing Continents: A History of Standard Chartered Bank
For almost a hundred years from the 1860s, the City of London's overseas banks financed the global t...
€55.90 -11%
Mission-Driven Economy (Boston Review / Forum)
How governments can spur growth and innovation to solve their greatest challenges—from green energy...
€18.20 -10%
Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism
One of the world’s most celebrated theologians argues for a Protestant anti-work ethicIn his classic...
€32.00 -10%
The Wolf at the Door: The Menace of Economic Insecurity and How to Fight It
“It is now beyond debate that rising inequality is not only leaving millions of Americans living on...
€20.90 -10%
The Future of Money: How the Digital Revolution Is Transforming Currencies and Finance
A cutting-edge look at how accelerating financial change, from the end of cash to the rise of crypto...
€36.70 -10%
COVID-19: The Great Reset
"COVID-19: The Great Reset" is a guide for anyone who wants to understand how COVID-19 disrupted our...
Our Great Purpose: Adam Smith on Living a Better Life
Adam Smith is best known today as the founder of modern economics, but he was also an uncommonly bri...
€16.30 -10%


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