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Ego is the Enemy: The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent
A powerful meditation on the nature and dangers of ego, from the bestselling author of The Obstacle ...
€14.80 -10%
Breathing Lessons: A Doctor's Guide to Lung Health
An authoritative, accessible guide to how our lungs work and how to protect them Every day, our l...
€17.50 -10%
Periphery: How Your Nervous System Predicts and Protects Against Disease
A leading neuroscientist argues that the peripheral nervous system, long understood to play a key ro...
€32.50 -10%
Flow: The Psychology of Happiness
What really makes us feel glad to be alive? This classic work of psychology from world-renowned psyc...
€20.90 -10%
Thinking in Pictures: Adventures in Trying to be Smart
‘One of the most original writers around. He has profoundly influenced my thinking.’ Hannah Fry Why...
€23.80 -10%
The Truth Detective: A Poker Player's Guide to a Complex World
How to navigate a world of deception and find the truth using the rules of poker. 'Revealing' ANG...
€22.80 -10%
How to Be: Life Lessons from the Early Greeks
What is the nature of things? Must I think my own way through the world? What is justice? How can I...
€23.80 -10%
The Book of Phobias and Manias: A History of the World in 99 Obsessions
A captivating A-Z compendium of our fixations by the bestselling author of The Suspicions of Mr Whic...
€14.80 -10%
The Emergency Poet: An Anti-Stress Poetry Anthology
A brilliant new anthology of poems that will help you to overcome stress, depression and other anxie...
€14.90 -9%
Life Is Hard: How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way
A NEW YORKER AND THE ECONOMIST BEST BOOK OF 2022"Life Is Hard is a humane consolation for challengin...
€15.40 -10%
A Therapeutic Journey: Lessons from the School of Life
The essential guide to mental health from the bestselling author of The School of LifeThis is a book...
€23.80 -10%
Methuselah's Zoo: What Nature Can Teach Us about Living Longer, Healthier Lives
Stories of long-lived animal species—from thousand-year-old tubeworms to 400-year-old sharks—and wha...
€29.40 -10%
Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away
'Brilliant and entertaining' Daniel Kahneman | 'Quit what you are doing right now and read this' Ric...
€15.40 -10%
Sensemaking: What Makes Human Intelligence Essential in the Age of the Algorithm
A FINANCIAL TIMES BUSINESS BOOK OF THE MONTH (APRIL 2017)Humans have become subservient to algorithm...
€14.90 -9%
The Decisive Mind: How to Make the Right Choice Every Time
*Available now: a new model for understanding and optimising your decision making skills by a leadin...
€20.20 -10%


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