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Attached: Are you Anxious, Avoidant or Secure? How the Science of Adult Attachment Can Help You Find- and Keep- Love
'A groundbreaking book that redefines what it means to be in a relationship.' – John Gray, PhD., bes...
€15.90 -10%
How Confidence Works: The New Science of Self-Belief, Why Some People Learn It and Others Don't
* Confidence makes your brain work better and boosts your performance* Confidence acts like a mini-a...
€21.70 -10%
Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals, Embrace your limits and change your life with the smash-hit
**The instant Sunday Times bestseller****as heard on Dr Chatterjee's #1 podcast Feel Better, Live Mo...
€14.40 -10%
Wisdom of the Ancients: Life Lessons from Our Distant Past
THE PERFECT READ FOR TROUBLED TIMESFrom the bestselling author of The Story of the British Isles in...
€14.40 -10%
Energize: Find Your Spark, Achieve More and Live Better
'This book is exactly what we need in this moment. With so many pulls and strains and stresses, Simo...
€21.70 -10%
Happy Mind, Happy Life: 10 Simple Ways to Feel Great Every Day
Happiness is good for your health. Learn how to nurture yours.During his 20 years as a GP, Dr Rangan...
€24.60 -11%
The Art of Sleeping: The Secret to Sleeping Better at Night for a Happier, Calmer More Successful Day
We’re bombarded with confusing and contradictory advice about achieving a better night’s sleep. So,...
€13.00 -10%
Recipe for Survival: What You Can Do to Live a Healthier and More Environmentally Friendly Life
What can you do to improve your health and at the same time improve the health of our home planet? D...
€27.20 -10%
Imagine If . . .: Creating a Future for Us All
An urgent manifesto for re-defining human potential in our turbulent times, from the bestselling aut...
€14.40 -10%
Becoming Aware: A 21-Day Mindfulness Program for Reducing Anxiety and Cultivating Calm
A hands-on user’s guide that takes readers step-by-step on a 21-day journey to discover what it mean...
€18.60 -10%
The End of Bias: How We Change Our Minds
Unconscious bias: persistent prejudiced behaviour that clashes with our consciously held beliefs. It...
€18.60 -10%
Taste: A Philosophy of Food
When we eat, we eat the world: taking something from outside and making it part of us. But what does...
€28.70 -10%
The Confident Mind: A Battle-Tested Guide to Unshakable Performance
You don't have to be born confident. You can learn to be confident. Here's how.Dr Nate Zinsser works...
€21.50 -10%
Abundance: The Inner Path To Wealth
Discover the keys to a life of success, fulfilment, wholeness and plentyMany of us live in a mindset...
€18.70 -10%
Connect the Dots: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck
What if being lucky wasn't just chance but a skill you could master? Learn to identify and act on se...
€14.40 -10%


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