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First Man: The Life of Neil Armstrong
In First Man, Hansen explores the life of Neil Armstrong. Based on over 50 hours of interviews with...
€13.00 -31%
The Eastern Church in the Spiritual Marketplace: American Conversions to Orthodox Christianity
Like many Americans, the Eastern Orthodox converts in this study are participants in what scholars t...
€26.20 -31%
Deep Life : The Hunt for the Hidden Biology of Earth, Mars, and Beyond
Deep Life takes readers to uncharted regions deep beneath Earth’s crust in search of life in extreme...
€26.80 -33%
The Cubans: Ordinary Lives in Extraordinary Times
The Cubans is a revelatory account of life in one of the most restrictive, isolated and misunderstoo...
€28.00 -30%
Isis Propaganda: A Full-Spectrum Extremist Message
This book offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of the Islamic State's use of propaganda. Com...
€42.00 -10%
Coalitional Presidentialism in Comparative Perspective: Minority Presidents in Multiparty Systems
This book provides the first cross-regional study of an increasingly important form of politics: coa...
€35.00 -30%
x+y: A Mathematician's Manifesto for Rethinking Gender
From imaginary numbers to the fourth dimension and beyond, mathematics has always been about imagini...
€21.00 -33%
Bauman: A Biography
Global thinker, public intellectual and world-famous theorist of ‘liquid modernity’, Zygmunt Bauman...
€33.00 -10%
Democratic Federalism: The Economics, Politics, and Law of Federal Governance
Around the world, federalism has emerged as the system of choice for nascent republics and establish...
€47.80 -30%
Unmaking the Presidency: Donald Trump's War on the World's Most Powerful Office
The definitive account of how Donald Trump has wielded the powers of the American presidencyThe extr...
€35.00 -30%
The Dead March: A History of the Mexican-American War
By focusing on the experiences of ordinary Mexicans and Americans, The Dead March offers a clearer h...
€23.90 -10%
Bread Winner: An Intimate History of the Victorian Economy
The overlooked story of how ordinary women and their husbands managed financially in the Victorian e...
€26.80 -30%
Incitement: Anwar al-Awlaki’s Western Jihad
The definitive account of the career and legacy of the most influential Western exponent of violent...
€36.70 -30%
The Future of Brain Repair: A Realist's Guide to Stem Cell
A scientist assesses the potential of stem cell therapies for treating such brain disorders as strok...
€33.20 -30%
Markets, Minds, and Money: Why America Leads the World in University Research
A colorful history of U.S. research universities, and a market-based theory of their global success....
€36.70 -30%


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