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Strength in Numbers: How Polls Work and Why We Need Them
An insightful exploration of political polling and a bold defence of its crucial role in a modern...
€29.70 -30%
Eating to Extinction: The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them
Winner of multiple awards, including the Fortnum & Mason Food Book Award and the Guild of Food W...
€15.40 -30%
Η Εποχή της Τεχνητής Νοημοσύνης και το Ανθρώπινο μέλλον μας
Διαβάστε εδώ την παρουσίαση του βιβλίου στην Καθημερινή   Η Τεχνητή Νοημοσύνη μεταβάλλει την ανθρώ...
€20.14 -26%
Colditz: Prisoners of the Castle
€20.90 -30%
Stars in Your Hand: A Guide to 3D Printing the Cosmos
An illustrated guide to exploring the Universe in three dimensions. Astronomers have made remarkabl...
€27.90 -30%
First Dawn: From the Big Bang to Our Future in Space
From the very first moments of the universe to the birth of the first star, our solar system, and ou...
€41.90 -30%
When Galaxies Were Born: The Quest for Cosmic Dawn
Astronomers are like time travelers, scanning the night sky for the outermost galaxies that first ca...
€38.40 -30%
The Long Covid Handbook
Understand, manage, and treat Long Covid.Reports suggest that over 100m people around the world are...
€20.90 -30%
CBD: What Does the Science Say?
A comprehensive review of the scientific literature on the possible benefits of CBD, describing find...
€39.90 -30%
Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop: The Case for Multiparty Democracy in America
A compelling case for large-scale electoral reform.American democracy is at an impasse. After years...
€18.20 -30%
The Racial Code: Tales of Resistance and Survival
In this transformative book, Nicola Rollock, one of our pre-eminent experts on racial justice, offer...
€27.90 -30%
Like, Comment, Subscribe: Inside YouTube’s Chaotic Rise to World Domination
"Sharp and engaging" - The TimesNow, for the first time ever, discover the story of YouTube: how it...
€20.90 -30%
Night Terrors: Troubled Sleep and the Stories We Tell About It
'Curious, lively, humble, utterly genuine … a remarkable debut.' SUNDAY TIMES Alice Vernon often wa...
€23.80 -30%
The Curious World of Science: A visual miscelllany of stories, theories, discoveries & curiosities pluck
To some, science is simply a means to an end; to others it is an almost spiritual meditation on theo...
€27.90 -30%
How the Victorians Took Us to the Moon: The Story of the Nineteenth-Century Innovators Who Forged th
By the end of the Victorian era, the world had changed irrevocably. The speed of the technological d...
€34.90 -30%


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