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Walter Benjamin (1892–1940) was a German-Jewish Marxist literary critic, essayist, translator and philosopher. He was associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory and is the author of Illuminations, The Arcades Project, and The Origin of German Tragic Drama. In 1940, he was in Spain, fleeing the Nazis and en route to the United States, when Franco’s government cancelled his visa. Expecting repatriation, he took his own life.

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Correspondence 1930-1940
‘We must see to it that we put the best of ourselves in our letters; for there is nothing to suggest...
€19.80 -10%
Radio Benjamin
“The German critic was not only a theorist of the media – he was a gifted broadcaster as well.” – ...
€21.50 -10%
Aesthetics and Politics
An intense and lively debate on literature and art between thinkers who became some of the great fig...
€14.40 -10%
Walter Benjamin's Archive: Images, Texts, Signs
An absorbing selection of Walter Benjamin’s personal manuscripts, images, and documents.The work of...
€21.00 -20%
The Storyteller: Tales out of Loneliness
This is the first major collection of short stories from the legendary German–Jewish critic and phil...
€20.00 -10%
One-Way Street
One-Way Street is a thoroughfare unlike anything else in literature—by turns exhilarating and bewild...
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