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The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
This 1742 translation is a collaborative work by Francis Hutcheson and a colleague at Glasgow Univer...
€17.24 -10%
Philosophiae Moralis Institutio Compendiaria, With a Short Introduction to Moral Philosophy
This publication is a parallel edition of the English and Latin versions of a book designed by Hutch...
€17.24 -10%
Logic, Metaphysics and the Natural Sociability of Mankind
Until the publication of this Liberty Fund edition, the works contained in "Logic, Metaphysics, and...
€17.24 -10%
Further Reflections On the Revolution In France
In his famous "Reflections on the Revolution in France" (1790), Edmund Burke excoriated French revol...
€17.24 -10%


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