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Scanlon T. M.

T. M. Scanlon attended Princeton University (BA in Philosophy, 1962), studied at Oxford, Brasenose College, 1962-63, and then at Harvard University (PhD in Philosophy, 1968). Scanlon taught philosophy at Princeton 1966-1984, then at Harvard from 1984 until his retirement in 2016. He was one of the founding editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs and has published mainly in moral and political philosophy.

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Why Does Inequality Matter?
Inequality is widely regarded as morally objectionable: T. M. Scanlon investigates why it matters to...
€19.00 -11%
Being Realistic About Reasons
T. M. Scanlon offers a qualified defense of normative cognitivism-the view that there are irreducibl...
Being Realistic About Reasons
Original work from one of the world's leading moral philosophersIlluminates central questions in con...
€31.47 -10%


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