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Einstein's Unfinished Dream: Practical Progress Towards a Theory of Everything
Humanity has long looked to the sky and marvelled at the world around us. We've wondered why the wor...
€36.30 -10%
A Brief History of the Last 13.8 Billion Years: A Journey Through Life, the Universe, and Everything
How did time begin? What conditions led to humans evolving on Earth? Will we survive the Anthropocen...
€20.90 -10%
White Holes: Inside the Horizon
A mesmerizing trip to the strange new world of white holes, from Carlo Rovelli, the bestselling auth...
€20.90 -10%
The Little Book of Exoplanets
For centuries, people have speculated about the possibility of planets orbiting distant stars, but o...
€26.80 -10%
Simulating the Cosmos: Why the Universe Looks the Way It Does
A behind-the-scenes look into computer simulations of cosmology and galaxy formation. Simulatin...
€22.40 -11%
The Universe in a Box: A New Cosmic History
Will we ever truly understand our cosmic home? This is the story of the technologies that allow us t...
€20.90 -10%
Observational Astronomy: A Very Short Introduction
Almost everything we know about the Universe has come from studying the messages carried by light fr...
Worlds without End: Exoplanets, Habitability, and the Future of Humanity
The science of finding habitable planets beyond our solar system and the prospects for establishing...
€37.70 -10%
The Sound of the Cosmos: Gravitational Waves and the Birth of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
The remarkable story of how humankind discovered gravitational waves, chronicled with unparalleled h...
€53.00 -10%
The Universe: Poincare Seminar 2015
This volume provides a detailed description of some of the most active areas in astrophysics from th...
€84.80 -50%
How the Universe Got Its Spots: Diary of a Finite Time in a Finite Space
Is the universe infinite or just really big? With this question, cosmologist Janna Levin announces t...
€20.90 -10%
A Traveler’s Guide to the Stars
Finalist for the Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Writing, 100 Year Starship   Wit...
€32.60 -10%
Heaven's Touch: From Killer Stars to the Seeds of Life, How We Are Connected to the Universe
Did you know that as you read these words showers of high-speed particles from exploding stars are r...
€32.60 -10%
Fascinating Problems for Young Physicists: Discovering Everyday Physics Phenomena and Solving Them
Problem-solving is the cornerstone of all walks of scientific research. Fascinating Problems for You...
€34.00 -10%
Astronomy: The Human Quest for Understanding
Since humans first looked up at the stars, astronomy has had a particular ability to stir the imagin...
€55.90 -11%


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