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What Is Dark Matter?
Astronomical observations have confirmed dark matter’s existence, but what exactly is dark matter? I...
€40.80 -10%
Before the Big Bang: The Origin of Our Universe from the Multiverse
One of the world's most celebrated cosmologists presents her breakthrough explanation of our origins...
€28.90 -10%
Spacefarers: How Humans Will Settle the Moon, Mars, and Beyond
“A witty yet in-depth exploration of the prospects for human habitation beyond Earth…Spacefarers is...
€20.90 -10%
Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth
‘VISIONARY’ Stephen GreenblattHarvard’s top astronomer takes us inside the mind-blowing story of the...
€13.80 -11%
Cosmology’s Century: An Inside History of Our Modern Understanding of the Universe
Modern cosmology began a century ago with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity and his not...
€26.80 -10%
Hot Molecules, Cold Electrons: From the Mathematics of Heat to the Development of the Trans-Atlantic
Heat, like gravity, shapes nearly every aspect of our world and universe, from how milk dissol...
€19.80 -10%
Αν Infinity of Worlds: Cosmic Inflation and the Beginning of the Universe
What happened before the primordial fire of the Big Bang: a theory about the ultimate origin of the...
€28.90 -10%
The End of Astronauts: Why Robots Are the Future of Exploration
A world-renowned astronomer and an esteemed science writer make the provocative argument for space e...
€27.40 -10%
Simply Astronomy
The simplest guide to astronomy and stargazing!Grasping astronomy has never been easier. Your awe of...
€14.40 -10%
Supernova (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series)
A concise introduction to the history and physics of supernovae, the brilliant explosions of stars;...
€20.00 -10%
The Whole Truth: A Cosmologist’s Reflections on the Search for Objective Reality
From the Nobel Prize–winning physicist, a personal meditation on the quest for objective reality in...
€32.70 -10%
A Little Book About the Big Bang
A concise introduction to the greatest questions of modern cosmology. What came before the big bang...
€26.20 -10%
The Elephant in the Universe: Our Hundred-Year Search for Dark Matter
An award-winning science journalist details the quest to isolate and understand dark matter—and show...
€31.50 -10%
Foundations of Modern Physics
In addition to his ground-breaking research, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg is known for a series of...
€47.60 -10%
One of Ten Billion Earths: How we Learn about our Planet's Past and Future from Distant Exoplanets
Illustrated with breathtaking images of the Solar System and of the Universe around it, this book ex...
€18.20 -10%


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