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The Ant Collective: Inside the World of an Ant Colony
Ants share a vibrant and complex communal life and remarkable abilities to communicate with ea...
€29.20 -10%
So Simple a Beginning: How Four Physical Principles Shape Our Living World
The form and function of a sprinting cheetah are quite unlike those of a rooted tree. A human being...
€26.80 -10%
Rumbles: A Curious History of the Gut
The secret history of the body's most fascinating organ: the gut A Financial Times most anticipat...
€25.90 -10%
Ravenous: How to Get Ourselves and Our Planet Into Shape
Henry Dimbleby's Sunday Times bestselling manifesto on how to change the food system WINNER OF TH...
€15.00 -10%
Possible: Ways To Net Zero
The realities of a green new deal from the world's foremost expert on climate technologies 'As Ch...
€15.00 -10%
Blue Machine: How the Ocean Shapes Our World
FINANCIAL TIMES 2023 HIGHLIGHT'Helen Czerski weaves together physics and biology, history and scienc...
€15.40 -10%
Sensational: A New Story of our Senses
A smorgasbord of the senses from a professor of animal behaviour: how they work, why they're t...
€14.90 -9%
Foreign Bodies: The Terror of Conatgion, the Ingenuity of Science
‘This splendid and often moving work of history… Schama has a gift for combining novelistically colo...
€18.20 -10%
The Naked Neanderthal
In this acclaimed bestseller, an explorer and Neanderthal hunter takes us on a riveting journey of d...
€15.40 -10%
Fixing the Climate: Strategies for an Uncertain World
Global climate diplomacy—from the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement—is not working. Despit...
€23.30 -10%
The Weight of Nature: How a Changing Climate Changes Our Minds, Brains and Bodies
'Penetrating, intensely personal, and impossible to put down, this is a book you need to read.' Anni...
€34.90 -10%
Weathering: How the Earth's Deep Wisdom Can Help Us Endure Life's Storms
Rocks and mountains have withstood aeons of life on our planet - gradually eroding, shifting, solidi...
€26.60 -10%
Stowaway: The Disreputable Exploits of the Rat
A cultural and social history of the rat, examining how one creature achieved total world domination...
€26.60 -10%
The Human Disease: How We Create Pandemics, from Our Bodies to Our Beliefs
How the very fact of being human makes us vulnerable to pandemics—and gives us the power to save our...
€41.90 -10%
The Immune Mind: The New Science of Health
'Superbly written with excellent insights... One of the best non-fiction books I've read!' Dr Rupy A...
€20.90 -10%


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