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Inverse Problem of Scattering Theory
In mathematical physics, the inverse scattering problem determines the characteristics of an object...
Partial Differential Equations in Engineering Problems
Requiring only an elementary knowledge of ordinary differential equations, this concise text is dedi...
Spectral Theory: Basic Concepts and Applications
This textbook offers a concise introduction to spectral theory, designed for newcomers to functional...
Problems on Partial Differential Equations
This book covers a diverse range of topics in Mathematical Physics, linear and nonlinear PDEs. Thoug...
500 Examples and Problems of Applied Differential Equations
This book highlights an unprecedented number of real-life applications of differential equations tog...
€53.00 -50%
A Textbook on Ordinary Differential Equations
This book offers readers a primer on the theory and applications of Ordinary Differential Equations....
€53.00 -50%
Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation: Singular Solutions and Optical Collapse
This book is an interdisciplinary introduction to optical collapse of laser beams, which is modelled...
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A Primer for a Secret Shortcut to PDEs of Mathematical Physics
This book presents a concise introduction to a unified Hilbert space approach to the mathematical mo...
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
The revised and enlarged third edition of this successful book presents a comprehensive and systemat...
Introduction to Perturbation Methods
This introductory graduate text is based on a graduate course the author has taught repeatedly over...
Differential Equations
This textbook is a comprehensive treatment of ordinary differential equations, concisely presenting...
Topology, Calculus and Approximation
Presenting basic results of topology, calculus of several variables, and approximation theory which...
From Ordinary to Partial Differential Equations
This book is addressed to mathematics and physics students who want to develop an interdisciplinary...
Partial Differential Equations in Action: From Modelling to Theory
The book is intended as an advanced undergraduate or first-year graduate course for students from va...


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