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Functional Analysis for the Applied Sciences
This advanced graduate textbook presents main results and techniques in Functional Analysis and uses...
Numerical Methods for Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations : With contributions by
This graduate-level text provides an application oriented introduction to the numerical methods for...
€68.90 -49%
The Enjoyment of Math
What is so special about the number 30? Do the prime numbers go on forever? Are there more whole num...
€23.30 -10%
Best Writing on Mathematics 2021
This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world—an...
€29.00 -10%
KP Solitons and the Grassmannians: Combinatorics and Geometry of Two-Dimensional Wave Patterns
This is the first book to treat combinatorial and geometric aspects of two-dimensional solitons. Bas...
Direct and Inverse Sturm-Liouville Problems: A Method of Solution
This book provides an introduction to the most recent developments in the theory and practice of dir...
Mathematical Models with Singularities: A Zoo in Singular Creatures
The book aims to provide an unifying view of a variety (a 'zoo') of mathematical models with some ki...
Brakke's Mean Curvature Flow
This book explains the notion of Brakke’s mean curvature flow and its existence and regularity theor...
Brownian Dynamics at Boundaries and Interfaces: In Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Brownian dynamics serve as mathematical models for the diffusive motion of microscopic particles of...
€63.60 -50%
Ordinary Differential Equations: Basics and Beyond
This book develops the theory of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), starting from an introducto...
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Applications
This book primarily concerns quasilinear and semilinear elliptic and parabolic partial differential...
Nonlinear Analysis - Theory and Methods
This book emphasizes those basic abstract methods and theories that are useful in the study of nonli...
Green's Functions: Potential Fields on Surfaces
This book is comprehensive in its classical mathematical physics presentation, providing the reader...
Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
This textbook presents the essential parts of the modern theory of nonlinear partial differential eq...
The Mathematical Theory of Time-Harmonic Maxwell's Equations: Expansion-, Integral-, and Variational Methods
This book gives a concise introduction to the basic techniques needed for the theoretical analysis o...


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