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Best Writing on Mathematics 2021
This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world—an...
€29.00 -10%
A Student's Guide to Laplace Transforms
The Laplace transform is a useful mathematical tool encountered by students of physics, engineering,...
€24.50 -10%
An Introduction to Hamiltonian Mechanics
This textbook examines the Hamiltonian formulation in classical mechanics with the basic mathematica...
Computational Electromagnetics
Computational Electromagnetics is a young and growing discipline, expanding as a result of the stead...
Fluid Dynamics and Linear Elasticity: A First Course in Continuum Mechanics
This book provides a concise introduction to continuum mechanics, with a particular emphasis on flui...
A Primer on Mathematical Modelling
In this book we describe the magic world of mathematical models: starting from real-life problems, w...
Maths for Social Sciences
This book is aimed at students in social sciences programs that include some course in quantitative...
Waves and Compressible Flow
Now in its second edition, this book continues to give readers a broad mathematical basis for modell...
Classical Mirror Symmetry
This book furnishes a brief introduction to classical mirror symmetry, a term that denotes the proce...
Mathematical Modeling in Economics, Ecology and the Environment
Updated to textbook form by popular demand, this second edition discusses diverse mathematical model...
Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics
The objective of this textbook is the construction, analysis, and interpretation of mathematical mod...
Ergodic Dynamics: From Basic Theory to Applications
This textbook provides a broad introduction to the fields of dynamical systems and ergodic theory. M...
Cellular Automata: Analysis and Applications
This book focuses on a coherent representation of the main approaches to analyze the dynamics of cel...
€90.10 -47%
Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Mechanics
The book gives a streamlined introduction to quantum mechanics while describing the basic mathematic...
Partition Functions and Automorphic Forms
This book offers an introduction to the research in several recently discovered and actively develop...


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