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Vector and Tensor Analysis
An outstanding introduction to tensor analysis for physics and engineering students, this text admir...
Asymptotic Estimates and Entire Functions
Asymptotic estimates are of key significance to mathematical analysis and its applications, assistin...
Inverse Problem of Scattering Theory
In mathematical physics, the inverse scattering problem determines the characteristics of an object...
Partial Differential Equations in Engineering Problems
Requiring only an elementary knowledge of ordinary differential equations, this concise text is dedi...
Mathematical Physics: Classical Mechanics
As a limit theory of quantum mechanics, classical dynamics comprises a large variety of phenomena, f...
Principal Bundles: The Quantum Case
This introductory text is the first book about quantum principal bundles and their quantum connectio...
Quantum Riemannian Geometry
This book provides a comprehensive account of a modern generalisation of differential geometry in wh...
Elements of General Relativity
This book provides an introduction to the mathematics and physics of general relativity, its basic p...
Mathematics of Finance: An Intuitive Introduction
This textbook invites the reader to develop a holistic grounding in mathematical finance, where conc...
A Course in Algebraic Error-Correcting Codes
This textbook provides a rigorous mathematical perspective on error-correcting codes, starting with...
Mathematical Methods in Physics. Distributions, Hilbert Space Operators, Variational Methods, and Applications in Quantum Physics
The second edition of this textbook presents the basic mathematical knowledge and skills that are ne...
Recurrent Sequences: Key Results, Applications, and Problems
This self-contained text presents state-of-the-art results on recurrent sequences and their applicat...
An Introduction to Single-User Information Theory
This book presents a succinct and mathematically rigorous treatment of the main pillars of Shannon’s...
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Calculus for Scientists and Engineers
This book presents the basic concepts of calculus and its relevance to real-world problems, covering...
€58.30 -49%
Numerical Methods of Mathematics Implemented in Fortran
This book systematically classifies the mathematical formalisms of computational models that are req...


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