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The Making of a Terrorist: Alexandre Rousselin and the French Revolution
Much has been written about the French Revolution and especially its bloody phase known as the Reign...
€23.80 -10%
Venice: The Remarkable History of the Lagoon City
A sweeping and comprehensive history of Venice—from its formation in the early Middle Ages to the pr...
€44.70 -11%
Frederick the Great's Philosophical Writings
Frederick II of Prussia (1712–1786), best known as Frederick the Great, was a prolific writer of phi...
€32.60 -10%
Encyclopaedism from Antiquity to the Renaissance
There is a rich body of encyclopaedic writing which survives from the two millennia before the Enlig...
€67.90 -10%
A Marvelous Solitude: The Art of Reading in Early Modern Europe
A preeminent Renaissance scholar illuminates early modern encounters with books, in which litera...
€42.90 -10%
The Man Who Understood Democracy: The Life of Alexis de Tocqueville
In 1831, at the age of twenty-five, Alexis de Tocqueville made his fateful journey to America, where...
€31.40 -10%
The End of Enlightenment: Empire, Commerce, Crisis
'A brilliant work of intellectual interpretation by our foremost historian of Enlightenment ideas. W...
€41.90 -10%
Economy in European History: Words, Contexts and Change over Time
Prompted by the 'linguistic turn' of the late 20th century, intellectual and conceptual historians c...
€40.60 -10%
The Whole Economy: Work and Gender in Early Modern Europe
Advocating a gender-inclusive approach to the history of work, this book both counts and accounts fo...
€36.70 -10%
Montesquieu: Let There Be Enlightenment
Since the last biography of Montesquieu in English (Shackleton, Oxford, 1961) Montesquieu scholarshi...
€40.80 -10%
La Serenissima: The Story of Venice
'Everything about Venice,' observed Lord Byron, 'is, or was, extraordinary – her aspect is like a dr...
€20.90 -10%
Losing a Kingdom, Gaining the World: The Catholic Church in the Age of Revolution and Democracy
Despite its many crises, especially in Western Europe, there are 1.3 billion Catholics in the world...
€23.80 -10%
Europe: The History of a Continent
Whether as an epic battleground or a cradle of civilizations, Europe has left an enduring imprint on...
€48.90 -10%
City of Echoes: A New History of Rome, its Popes and its People
In Rome the echoes of the past resound clearly in its palaces and monuments, and in the remains of t...
€34.90 -10%
Tudor England: A History
A compelling, authoritative account of the brilliant, conflicted, visionary world of Tudor England W...
€19.80 -10%


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