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Motion and Genetic Definitions in the Sixteenth-Century Euclidean Tradition
A significant number of works have set forth, over the past decades, the emphasis laid by seventeent...
€58.30 -49%
The Enjoyment of Math
What is so special about the number 30? Do the prime numbers go on forever? Are there more whole num...
€23.30 -10%
The Story of Proof: Logic and the History of Mathematics
The Story of Proof investigates the evolution of the concept of proof—one of the most significant an...
€52.40 -10%
Best Writing on Mathematics 2021
This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world—an...
€29.00 -10%
The Polyhedrists: Art and Geometry in the Long Sixteenth Century
A history of the relationship between art and geometry in the early modern period. In The Polyhedri...
€52.00 -10%
Ricci Flow for Shape Analysis and Surface Registration: Theories, Algorithms, and Applications
Ricci Flow for Shape Analysis and Surface Registration introduces the beautiful and profound Ricci f...
Geometric Invariant Theory, Holomorphic Vector Bundles and the Harder-Narasimhan Filtration
This book introduces key topics on Geometric Invariant Theory, a technique to obtaining quotients in...
Shapes and Diffeomorphisms
This book covers mathematical foundations and methods for the computerized analysis of shapes, provi...
Polynomial Automorphisms and the Jacobian Conjecture
This book is an extension to Arno van den Essen's Polynomial Automorphisms and the Jacobian Conjectu...
Brakke's Mean Curvature Flow
This book explains the notion of Brakke’s mean curvature flow and its existence and regularity theor...
Magic Squares: Their History and Construction from Ancient Times to AD 1600
The science of magic squares witnessed an important development in the Islamic world during the Midd...
Geometric Continuum Mechanics
This contributed volume explores the applications of various topics in modern differential geometry...
Geometric Inequalities: Methods of Proving
This unique collection of new and classical problems provides full coverage of geometric inequalitie...
Classical Mechanics with Mathematica
This textbook takes a broad yet thorough approach to mechanics, aimed at bridging the gap between cl...
Periods and Nori Motives
This book casts the theory of periods of algebraic varieties in the natural setting of Madhav Nori’s...


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