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The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene editing, and the Future of the Human Race
'The Code Breaker’s confident, cinematic style makes Crispr accessible like never before, taking rea...
€41.90 -10%
The Map of Knowledge: How Classical Ideas Were Lost and Found: A History in Seven Cities
'A lovely debut from a gifted young author. Violet Moller brings to life the ways in which knowledge...
€14.00 -10%
Frontiers of Knowledge: What We Know About Science, History and The Mind
'Grayling brings satisfying order to daunting subjects' Steven PinkerIn very recent times humanity h...
€27.90 -10%
Life after Gravity: Isaac Newton's London Career
The story of Isaac Newton's decades in London - as ambitious cosmopolitan gentleman, President of Lo...
€34.90 -15%
Reflections of Alan Turing: A Relative Story
Everyone knows the story of the codebreaker and computer science pioneer Alan Turing. Except … Whe...
€18.20 -10%
Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt Gödel
A remarkable account of Kurt Gödel, weaving together creative genius, mental illness, political corr...
€27.90 -10%
The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another
In the bestselling tradition of Stuff Matters and The Disappearing Spoon: a clever and engaging look...
€20.90 -10%
Experimental Fire: Inventing English Alchemy, 1300-1700
In medieval and early modern Europe, the practice of alchemy promised extraordinary physical transfo...
€37.30 -10%
Quantum Legacies: Dispatches from an Uncertain World
The ideas at the root of quantum theory remain stubbornly, famously bizarre: a solid world reduced t...
€27.90 -10%
Making Modern Science: A Historical Survey
In this new edition of the top-selling coursebook, seasoned historians Peter J. Bowler and Iwan Rhys...
€37.30 -10%
Science: The Endless Frontier
Science, the Endless Frontier is recognized as the landmark argument for the essential role of scien...
€13.90 -9%
Mathematics for Human Flourishing
Winner of the Mathematics Association of America's 2021 Euler Book Prize, this is an inclusive visio...
€17.50 -10%
Stephen of Pisa and Antioch: Liber Mamonis: An Introduction to Ptolemaic Cosmology and Astronomy from the Early Crusader States
This volume aims to make Stephen of Pisa and Antioch’s work on the celestial sciences accessible to...
€74.20 -50%
Math Makers: The Lives and Works of 50 Famous Mathematicians
An entertaining history of mathematics as chronicled through fifty short biographies. Mathematics to...
€27.90 -10%
The Clock and the Camshaft: And Other Medieval Inventions We Still Can't Live Without
Highlights the importance of medieval innovations as the basis for later technological progressThis...
€22.40 -11%


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