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Logic and Structure
Dirk van Dalen’s popular textbook Logic and Structure, now in its fifth edition, provides a comprehe...
€74.20 -50%
Sequents and Trees :An Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Propositional Sequent Calculi
This textbook offers a detailed introduction to the methodology and applications of sequent calculi...
€53.00 -50%
Landscape of 21st Century Mathematics: Selected Advances, 2001–2020
Landscape of 21st Century Mathematics offers a detailed cross section of contemporary mathematics. I...
€90.10 -47%
Lessons in Enumerative Combinatorics
This textbook introduces enumerative combinatorics through the framework of formal languages and bij...
€50.00 -47%
Mathematical Logic
This textbook introduces first-order logic and its role in the foundations of mathematics by examini...
€53.00 -50%
A Guide to Spectral Theory: Applications and Exercises
This textbook provides a graduate-level introduction to the spectral theory of linear operators on B...
€58.30 -45%
Representation Theory of Solvable Lie Groups and Related Topics
The purpose of the book is to discuss the latest advances in the theory of unitary representations a...
€106.00 -50%
The Enjoyment of Math
What is so special about the number 30? Do the prime numbers go on forever? Are there more whole num...
€23.30 -10%
The Joy of Abstraction: An Exploration of Math, Category Theory, and Life
Mathematician and popular science author Eugenia Cheng is on a mission to show you that mathematics...
€36.70 -10%
The Story of Proof: Logic and the History of Mathematics
The Story of Proof investigates the evolution of the concept of proof—one of the most significant an...
€52.40 -10%
Proofs and Models in Philosophical Logic
Intelligent mental representations of physical, cognitive and social environments allow humans to na...
€20.40 -10%
Godel's Incompleteness Theorems
This Element takes a deep dive into Gödel's 1931 paper giving the first presentation of the Incomple...
€20.40 -10%
Godel's Theorem: A Very Short Introduction
Kurt Gödel first published his celebrated theorem, showing that no axiomatization can determine the...
Games for Your Mind: The History and Future of Logic Puzzles
Logic puzzles were first introduced to the public by Lewis Carroll in the late nineteenth century an...
€29.00 -10%
Best Writing on Mathematics 2021
This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world—an...
€29.00 -10%


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