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A Student's Guide to the Navier–Stokes Equations
The Navier-Stokes equations describe the motion of fluids and are an invaluable addition to the tool...
€25.20 -10%
Mathematical Physics with Differential Equations
Traditional literature in mathematical physics is clustered around classical mechanics, especially f...
€55.90 -11%
Geometry of Black Holes
Black holes present one of the most fascinating predictions of Einstein's general theory of relativi...
€55.90 -11%
The Mathematical Mechanic: Using Physical Reasoning to Solve Problems
Everybody knows that mathematics is indispensable to physics — imagine where we’d be today if Einste...
€22.00 -10%
Mathematical Methods for Physics: An Introduction to Group Theory, Topology and Geometry
This detailed yet accessible text provides an essential introduction to the advanced mathematical me...
€61.20 -10%
Fascinating Problems for Young Physicists: Discovering Everyday Physics Phenomena and Solving Them
Problem-solving is the cornerstone of all walks of scientific research. Fascinating Problems for You...
€34.00 -10%
More than the Sum of the Parts: Complexity in Physics and Beyond
From physics to information theory and cosmology, from the structure of animal societies to the ling...
€28.90 -10%
KP Solitons and the Grassmannians: Combinatorics and Geometry of Two-Dimensional Wave Patterns
This is the first book to treat combinatorial and geometric aspects of two-dimensional solitons. Bas...
A Student's Guide to Laplace Transforms
The Laplace transform is a useful mathematical tool encountered by students of physics, engineering,...
€24.50 -10%
From Random Walks to Random Matrices: Selected Topics in Modern Physics
Theoretical physics is a cornerstone of modern physics and provides a foundation for all modern quan...
€50.60 -10%
Geometric Invariant Theory, Holomorphic Vector Bundles and the Harder-Narasimhan Filtration
This book introduces key topics on Geometric Invariant Theory, a technique to obtaining quotients in...
An Introduction to Hamiltonian Mechanics
This textbook examines the Hamiltonian formulation in classical mechanics with the basic mathematica...
Mathematical Models with Singularities: A Zoo in Singular Creatures
The book aims to provide an unifying view of a variety (a 'zoo') of mathematical models with some ki...
Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification
Uncertainty quantification is a topic of increasing practical importance at the intersection of appl...
Geometric Continuum Mechanics
This contributed volume explores the applications of various topics in modern differential geometry...


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