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Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin: Freedom, Politics and Humanity
Two of the most iconic thinkers of the twentieth century, Hannah Arendt (1906–1975) and Isaiah Berli...
€37.30 -10%
Kant and Phenomenology
Phenomenology, together with Marxism, pragmatism, and analytic philosophy, dominated philosophy in t...
€31.50 -10%
Philosophy of Mind: A Very Short Introduction
Is the neurophysiology of pain all there is to pain? How do words and mental pictures come to repres...
Imperial Resilience: The Great War's End, Ottoman Longevity, and Incidental Nations
Imperial Resilience tells the story of the enduring Ottoman landscape of the modern Middle East's fo...
€33.20 -10%
The Israeli Economy: A Story of Success and Costs
In 1922, there were ninety thousand Jews in Palestine, a small country in a poor and volatile region...
€37.30 -10%
Mafia Politics
This ground-breaking book offers a deep and original analysis of the Mafia – in particular Cosa Nost...
€25.00 -10%
What Makes a Church Sacred?: Legal and Ritual Perspectives from Late Antiquity
What is the purpose of a church? Who owns a church? Mary K. Farag persuasively demonstrates that thr...
€38.70 -10%
City and Empire in the Age of the Successors: Urbanization and Social Response in the Making of the Hellenistic Kingdoms
In the chaotic decades after the death of Alexander the Great, the world of the Greek city-state bec...
€38.70 -10%
Nano Comes to Life: How Nanotechnology is Transforming Medicine and the Future of Biology
Nano Comes to Life opens a window onto the nanoscale—the infinitesimal realm of proteins and DNA whe...
€20.90 -10%
A Planet of Viruses
In 2020, an invisible germ—a virus—wholly upended our lives. We’re most familiar with the viruses th...
€16.30 -10%
If Then: How One Data Company Invented the Future
Radio 4’s Book of the WeekA Financial Times Book of the YearShortlisted for the 2020 Financial Times...
€15.40 -10%
Anthro-vision: How Anthropology Can Explain Business and Life
Financial Times Book of the YearThe Times Book of the YearA revelatory model that explains how we bu...
€27.90 -10%
The Two Greatest Ideas: How Our Grasp of the Universe and Our Minds Changed Everything
This book is a breathtaking examination of the two greatest ideas in human history. The first...
€31.40 -10%
How to Do Things with Emotions: The Morality of Anger and Shame across Cultures
The world today is full of anger. Everywhere we look, we see values clashing and tempers rising, in...
€30.30 -10%
How to Fall Slower Than Gravity: And Other Everyday (and Not So Everyday) Uses of Mathematics and Physical Reasoning
Paul Nahin is a master at explaining odd phenomena through straightforward mathematics. In this coll...
€20.90 -10%


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