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Horror: A Very Short Introduction
Four o'clock in the morning, and the lights are on and still there's no way we're going to sleep, no...
Plague: A Very Short Introduction
Throughout history plague has been the cause of many major catastrophes. It was responsible for the...
Thebes: The Forgotten City of Ancient Greece
‘An incisive, inspiring and vitally illuminating account of a city which changed the ancient world a...
€34.90 -10%
Quantum Computing: The Transformative Technology of the Qubit Revolution
The ultimate non-technical guide to the fast-developing world of quantum computing    Computer tec...
€12.60 -10%
Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and How to Build a Better Economy
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER   A radical new understanding for how to build a just and prosperous s...
€15.40 -10%
In the Shadow of Justice: Postwar Liberalism and the Remaking of Political Philosophy
Winner of the S-USIH Book Prize, Society for U.S. Intellectual History Winner of the Merle Curti...
€23.30 -10%
The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene editing, and the Future of the Human Race
'The Code Breaker’s confident, cinematic style makes Crispr accessible like never before, taking rea...
€41.90 -10%
Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity
Finalist for the PROSE Award in Archaeology and Ancient History, Association of American Publisher...
€23.30 -10%
1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed: Revised and Updated
In 1177 B.C., marauding groups known only as the “Sea Peoples” invaded Egypt. The pharaoh’s army and...
€19.60 -10%
The Ministry of Truth: A Biography of George Orwell's 1984
Longlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction 2019Longlisted for the Orwell Prize for Pol...
€14.00 -10%
The Map of Knowledge: How Classical Ideas Were Lost and Found: A History in Seven Cities
'A lovely debut from a gifted young author. Violet Moller brings to life the ways in which knowledge...
€14.00 -10%
Eight Days at Yalta: How Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin Shaped the Post-War World
Meticulously researched and vividly written, Eight Days at Yalta is a remarkable work of intense his...
€18.20 -10%
Rivers of Power: How a Natural Force Raised Kingdoms, Destroyed Civilizations, and Shapes Our World
'As fascinating as it is beautifully written' JARED DIAMOND, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Guns,...
€15.40 -10%
Frontiers of Knowledge: What We Know About Science, History and The Mind
'Grayling brings satisfying order to daunting subjects' Steven PinkerIn very recent times humanity h...
€27.90 -10%
Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies
THE TOP TEN SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERCould the courts really order the death of your innocent baby? Wa...
€27.90 -10%


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