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When Least Is Best: How Mathematicians Discovered Many Clever Ways to Make Things as Small (or as Large) as Possible
A mathematical journey through the most fascinating problems of extremes and how to solve them   W...
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Number Fields
Requiring no more than a basic knowledge of abstract algebra, this textbook presents the basics of a...
p-adic Numbers: An Introduction
There are numbers of all kinds: rational, real, complex, p-adic, and more. The p-adic numbers are no...
Galois Cohomology and Class Field Theory
This graduate textbook offers an introduction to modern methods in number theory. It gives a complet...
The Mathematics Lover's Companion: Masterpieces for Everyone
Twenty-three mathematical masterpieces for exploration and enlightenment How can a shape have more...
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Α Romanian Problem Book
The authors learned a lot of mathematics from the problems encountered in various Romanian national...
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Math Leads for Mathletes, Book 2
Middle school students will ignite their passion for problem solving with the second book of the Mat...
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The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020
This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world. F...
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Number Theory: Step by Step
Number theory is one of the oldest branches of mathematics that is primarily concerned with positive...
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Number Theory: A Very Short Introduction
Number theory is the branch of mathematics that is primarily concerned with the counting numbers. Of...
Knots and Primes: An Introduction to Arithmetic Topology
This is a foundation for arithmetic topology - a new branch of mathematics which is focused upon the...
Proof Patterns
This innovative textbook introduces a new pattern-based approach to learning proof methods in the ma...
Lattice Theory: Foundation
This book started with Lattice Theory, First Concepts, in 1971. Then came General Lattice Theory, Fi...
Goldbach’s Problem: Selected Topics
Important results surrounding the proof of Goldbach's ternary conjecture are presented in this book....
Quadratic Diophantine Equations
This monograph treats the classical theory of quadratic Diophantine equations and guides the reader...
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