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The Probability Map of the Universe: Essays on David Albert’s Time and Chance
Philosophers debate the ideas and implications of one of the most important contemporary works in th...
€47.70 -10%
Our Genes: A Philosophical Perspective on Human Evolutionary Genomics
Situated at the intersection of natural science and philosophy, Our Genes explores historical practi...
€36.70 -10%
Magisteria: The Entangled Histories of Science & Religion
Most things you ‘know’ about science and religion are myths or half-truths that grew up in the last...
€34.90 -10%
The One: How an Ancient Idea Holds the Future of Physics
In The One, particle physicist Heinrich Päs presents a bold idea: fundamentally, everything in the u...
€27.90 -10%
Of Maybugs and Men: A History and Philosophy of the Sciences of Homosexuality
A much-needed exploration of the history and philosophy of scientific research into male homosexuali...
€34.90 -10%
The Last Writings of Thomas S. Kuhn: Incommensurability in Science
A must-read follow-up to The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, one of the most important books of...
€29.20 -11%
Changing How We Choose: The New Science of Morality
The “new science of morality” that will change how we see each other, how we build our communities,...
€41.90 -10%
Roles of Justice in Bioethics
This Element traces the origins and development of bioethics, the principles and values involved in...
€20.40 -10%
The Ethics of Consciousness
This Element examines the main ethical aspects of consciousness  It argues that consciousness is not...
€20.40 -10%
Philosophical Methodology: From Data to Theory
Philosophical Methodology is a book addressed to the entire philosophical community. It develops a n...
€23.80 -10%
This Is Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction
Discover fascinating and illuminating contributions to historical and contemporary issues in the phi...
€34.80 -10%
What It Means to Be Human: The Case for the Body in Public Bioethics
“This important work of moral philosophy argues that we are, first and foremost, embodied beings, an...
€23.90 -10%
Imperfection: A Natural History
In praise of imperfection: how life on our planet is a catalog of imperfections, errors, alternative...
€32.20 -10%
Bernoulli's Fallacy: Statistical Illogic and the Crisis of Modern Science
There is a logical flaw in the statistical methods used across experimental science. This fault is n...
Understanding How Science Explains the World
All people desire to know. We want to not only know what has happened, but also why it happened, how...
€16.30 -10%


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