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Imperfection: A Natural History
In praise of imperfection: how life on our planet is a catalog of imperfections, errors, alternative...
€32.20 -10%
Bernoulli's Fallacy: Statistical Illogic and the Crisis of Modern Science
There is a logical flaw in the statistical methods used across experimental science. This fault is n...
€28.90 -9%
Understanding How Science Explains the World
All people desire to know. We want to not only know what has happened, but also why it happened, how...
€16.30 -10%
A Better Ape: The Evolution of the Moral Mind and How it Made us Human
Humans are moral creatures. Among all life on Earth, we alone experience rich moral emotions, follow...
€27.90 -10%
Earthly Order: How Natural Laws Define Human Life
The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought forth global anxiety about linkages between the environment and so...
€32.00 -10%
If Science is to Save us
There has never been a time when ‘following the science’ has been more important for humanity. At no...
€26.30 -10%
A Philosopher Looks at Science
What is science and what can it do? Nancy Cartwright here takes issue with three common images of sc...
€13.60 -10%
The Meaning of Proofs: Mathematics as Storytelling
Why mathematics is not merely formulaic: an argument that to write a mathematical proof is tantamoun...
€32.70 -10%
Existential Physics: A Scientist’s Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions
Do we have free will? Is the universe compatible with God? Do we live in a computer simulation? Does...
€21.30 -10%
Natural Philosophy: On Retrieving a Lost Disciplinary Imaginary
Recovering the forgotten discipline of Natural Philosophy for the modern worldThis book argues for t...
€42.70 -10%
Why Materialism is Baloney: How True Skeptics Know There Is No Death and Fathom Answers to Life, the Universe, and Everything
The present framing of the cultural debate in terms of materialism versus religion has allowed mater...
€17.20 -10%
Science Ideated: The Fall of Matter and the Contours of the Next Mainstream Scientific Worldview
Leading-edge empirical observations are increasingly difficult to reconcile with 'scientific' materi...
€22.40 -11%
Brief Peeks Beyond: Critical Essays on Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Free Will, Skepticism and Culture
This book is a multi-faceted exploration and critique of the human condition as it is presently mani...
€17.20 -10%
The New Breed: How to Think About Robots
A bold, optimistic exploration of the relationship between robots and humans based on our history wi...
€15.90 -10%
This is Philosophy of Science: An Introduction
A clear and engaging introduction to the philosophy of science, exploring the role of science within...
€34.80 -10%


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