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Time: A Very Short Introduction
What is time? What does it mean for time to pass? Is it possible to travel in time? What is the diff...
Why Are There Still Creationists?: Human Evolution and the Ancestors
The evidence for the ancestry of the human species among the apes is overwhelming. But the facts are...
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Dutch Book Arguments
Our beliefs come in degrees. I'm 70% confident it will rain tomorrow, and 0.001% sure my lottery tic...
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Innovation and Certainty
Beginning in the nineteenth century, mathematics' traditional domains of 'number and figure' became...
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Unity of Science
Unity of science was once a very popular idea among both philosophers and scientists. But it has fal...
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Big Data
Big Data and methods for analyzing large data sets such as machine learning have in recent times dee...
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Global Spacetime Structure
This exploration of the global structure of spacetime within the context of general relativity exami...
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Relativism in the Philosophy of Science
'Relativism versus absolutism' is one of the fundamental oppositions that have dominated reflections...
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Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum mechanics is an extraordinarily successful scientific theory. But more than 100 years after...
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The Science of Science: Big Data, Metrics, and Impact
This is the first comprehensive overview of the 'science of science,' an emerging interdisciplinary...
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The World in the Wave Function: A Metaphysics for Quantum Physics
If quantum theories of the world are true-and empirical evidence suggests they are-what do they tell...
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Philosophy of Probability and Statistical Modelling
This Element has two main aims. The first one (sections 1-7) is an historically informed review of t...
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Fear of a Black Universe : An Outsider's Guide to the Future of Physics
In this important guide to science and society, a cosmologist argues that physics must embrace the e...
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Mathematical Intuitionism
L. E. J. Brouwer, the founder of mathematical intuitionism, believed that mathematics and its object...
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On the Fringe: Where Science Meets Pseudoscience
Everyone has heard of the term "pseudoscience", typically used to describe something that looks like...
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