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Mind-Society: From Brains to Social Sciences and Professions
How do minds make societies, and how do societies change? Paul Thagard systematically connects neura...
€33.20 -10%
Dark and Magical Places: The Neuroscience of How We Navigate
Lose yourself in this extraordinary account of how we navigate the world "A NATURAL STORYTELLER"...
€23.30 -10%
Can Fish Count?: What Animals Reveal about our Uniquely Mathematical Mind
‘What I like best about this fascinating book is the detail. Brian Butterworth doesn’t just tell us...
€20.60 -10%
Mathematical Intelligence: What We Have that Machines Don't
A fascinating exploration of a surprising advantage that humans have over our incoming robot masters...
€28.90 -10%
The Hidden Spring: A Journey to the Source of Consciousness
A revolutionary new explanation for sentience from the neuroscientist who discovered how the brain d...
€15.00 -10%
Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age
An exciting new science-driven guide to protecting your mind from decline.‘Fascinating’ Daily MailTh...
€13.70 -10%
Hidden Games: The Surprising Power of Game Theory to Explain Irrational Human Behaviour
Two  MIT economists  show  how  game theory—the ultimate theory of rationality—explains irrati...
€23.30 -10%
Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment
THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER ‘A monumental, gripping book … Outstanding’ SUNDAY TIMES ‘Noise may b...
€10.80 -9%
Free Will
This Element provides a thorough overview of the free will debate as it currently stands. After dist...
€20.40 -10%
The Metaphysics of Mind
The Metaphysics of Mind presents and discusses the major contemporary theories of the nature of mind...
€20.40 -10%
Philosophy of Neuroscience
This Element provides a comprehensive introduction to philosophy of neuroscience. It covers such top...
€20.40 -10%
Honesty: The Philosophy and Psychology of a Neglected Virtue
Honesty is an important virtue. Parents want to develop it in their children. Close relationships de...
€33.20 -10%
A Book of Secrets: Finding Comfort in a Complex World
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Enlightening, thought-provoking and illuminating. Derren Brown asks ques...
€15.90 -9%
The Bomber Mafia: A Tale of Innovation and Obession
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER'A parable written for the age of technological disruption . . . brilli...
€15.90 -10%
Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness
Nudge has transformed the way individuals, companies and governments look at the world - and in the...
€15.90 -10%


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