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Pagan Britain
Britain's pagan past, with its mysterious monuments, atmospheric sites, enigmatic artifacts, bloodth...
€19.80 -10%
The Atheist's Bible: The Most Dangerous Book That Never Existed
A comprehensive biography of the Treatise of the Three Impostors, a controversial nonexistent mediev...
€26.80 -10%
The Cambridge Companion to Genesis
The Cambridge Companion to Genesis explores the first book of the Bible, the book that serves as the...
€40.80 -10%
Reason and Religion: Evaluating and Explaining Belief in Gods
Religion is relevant to all of us, whether we are believers or not. This book concerns two interrela...
€31.20 -10%
The Word: On the Translation of the Bible
From the Sunday Times bestselling author of A History of the Bible, this is the story of how the Bib...
€34.90 -10%
What's Wrong with Rights?
Are natural rights 'nonsense on stilts', as Jeremy Bentham memorably put it? Must the very notion of...
€24.20 -10%
Natural Philosophy: On Retrieving a Lost Disciplinary Imaginary
Recovering the forgotten discipline of Natural Philosophy for the modern worldThis book argues for t...
€42.70 -10%
Sonorous Desert: What Deep Listening Taught Early Christian Monks-and What It Can Teach Us
For the hermits and communal monks of antiquity, the desert was a place to flee the cacophony of ord...
€23.30 -10%
The Christian Left: An Introduction to Radical and Socialist Christian Thought
Christianity is often assumed to be pro-capitalist and socially conservative – in short, necessarily...
€23.80 -10%
Under the Banner of Islam: Turks, Kurds, and the Limits of Religious Unity
Sunni Islam has played an ambivalent role in Turkey's Kurdish conflict—both as a conflict resolution...
€69.40 -50%
What Is Religion?: Debating the Academic Study of Religion
Controversies over how to define the word "religion" have persisted for decades. It is a term of art...
€33.20 -10%
Hoax: The Catholic Plot that Never Was
The extraordinary story of the Popish Plot and how it shaped the political and religious future of B...
€25.60 -10%
Sunnis and Shi‘a: A Political History
When Muhammad died in 632 without a male heir, Sunnis contended that the choice of a successor shoul...
€24.40 -10%
Jihad: What Everyone Needs to Know
The word "jihad" is everywhere in the global media. It generally appears in the context of violence...
€18.80 -10%
End of Two Illusions: Islam after the West
Dismantling the myths that divide Islam and the West, this cutting-edge work of critical thinking pr...
€31.50 -10%


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