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Reimagining Global Philanthropy: The Community Bank Model of Social Development
Well-meaning Westerners want to find ways to help the less fortunate. Today, many are not just volun...
€26.20 -10%
Artificial Intimacy: Virtual Friends, Digital Lovers, and Algorithmic Matchmakers
What happens when the human brain, which evolved over eons, collides with twenty-first-century techn...
€33.60 -10%
The Colonial Counter-Revolution: From de Gaulle to Sarkozy
How and when American-style slavery created the racial system, not just in the United States but int...
€19.60 -10%
A City Is Not a Computer: Other Urban Intelligences
Computational models of urbanism—smart cities that use data-driven planning and algorithmic administ...
€20.90 -10%
The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice
THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Few books are as urgent as Shon Faye's debut ... Faye has hope f...
€27.90 -10%
Global Health Security: A Blueprint for the Future
With lessons learned from COVID-19, a world-leading expert on pandemic preparedness proposes a pragm...
€47.20 -10%
AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future
In this ground-breaking blend of imaginative storytelling and scientific forecasting, a pioneering A...
€20.90 -10%
In AI We Trust: Power, Illusion and Control of Predictive Algorithms
One of the most persistent concerns about the future is whether it will be dominated by the predicti...
€26.30 -10%
Exponential: How to Bridge the Gap Between Technology and Society
'Enticing' Sunday Times'Powerful' Hannah Fry, author of Hello World'Engaging' Financial Times'Brilli...
€20.90 -10%
Sustainable Futures: An Agenda for Action
Long before the pandemic, economies across the world were in trouble, with growth slowing across the...
€25.00 -10%
The End of Love: A Sociology of Negative Relations
Western culture has endlessly represented the ways in which love miraculously erupts in people’s liv...
€19.80 -10%
Designing Social Inquiry: Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research
Designing Social Inquiry presents a unified approach to qualitative and quantitative research in pol...
€31.50 -10%
Sociological Theory for Digital Society: The Codes that Bind Us Together
The digital revolution has not only transformed multiple aspects of social life – it also shakes soc...
€23.80 -10%
Media Freedom
The contentious role of social media in recent elections and referendums has brought to the fore onc...
€23.80 -10%
Public Sociology
Michael Burawoy has helped to reshape the theory and practice of sociology across the Western world....
€19.80 -10%


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