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The Parent Trap: How to Stop Overloading Parents and Fix Our Inequality Crisis
How parents have been set up to fail, and why helping them succeed is the key to achieving a fair an...
€36.00 -10%
The BBC: A People's History
A monumental work of popular history, making the case that the Beeb is as much of a National Treasur...
€34.90 -10%
Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil
'Brilliant and disturbing' Stephen Spender, New York Review of BooksThe classic work on 'the banalit...
€15.90 -10%
Networks for Social Impact
A broad review of how nonprofits, businesses, and governments work together to tackle social problem...
€33.30 -10%
The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice
THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Few books are as urgent as Shon Faye's debut ... Faye has hope f...
€15.90 -10%
The Premonition: A Pandemic Story
THE SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER'Superb ... It is tremendous fun, tremendously told' T...
€15.90 -10%
The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts, Updated Edition
This book predicts the decline of today's professions and introduces the people and systems that wil...
€14.40 -10%
The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason
SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER ‘The most important book of the year’ Daily Mail The brilliant...
€28.90 -10%
Desperate Remedies: Psychiatry and the Mysteries of Mental Illness
'A riveting chronicle of faulty science, false promises, arrogance, greed, and shocking disregard fo...
€36.15 -10%
Sensing Machines: How Sensors Shape Our Everyday Life
How we are tracked, surveilled, tantalized, and seduced by machines ranging from smart watches and R...
€36.00 -10%
Repair (Boston Review / Forum)
How we can recover from terrible ruptures, the pandemic, toxic politics, racist horrors, class warfa...
€23.00 -10%
Why Argument Matters
Hailed by the New York Times as a book that “examines the role that argument has played throughout h...
€25.60 -10%
The Future of Media
An investigation of the future of various media industries and technologies that considers how media...
€36.00 -10%
Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy
From the author of the international bestseller Debt: The First 5,000 Years comes a revelatory accou...
€21.70 -10%
The All-Consuming Nation: Chasing the American Dream Since World War II
In his 1958 "kitchen debate" with Nikita Khrushchev, Richard Nixon argued that the freedom to consum...
€37.60 -10%


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