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Advanced Optimization and Operations Research
This textbook provides students with fundamentals and advanced concepts in optimization and operatio...
Pyomo-Optimization Modeling in Python
This book provides a complete and comprehensive guide to Pyomo (Python Optimization Modeling Objects...
Differential and Integral Inequalities
Theories, methods and problems in approximation theory and analytic inequalities with a focus on dif...
Nonlinear Optimization: Methods and Applications
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to nonlinear programming, featuring a broad range of...
Dynamic Optimization: Deterministic and Stochastic Models
This book explores discrete-time dynamic optimization and provides a detailed introduction to both d...
Optimization in Engineering: Models and Algorithms
This textbook covers the fundamentals of optimization, including linear, mixed-integer linear, nonli...
Practical Mathematical Optimization: Basic Optimization Theory and Gradient-Based Algorithms
This textbook presents a wide range of tools for a course in mathematical optimization for upper und...
Calculus of Variations
This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the classical and modern calculus of variatio...
Linear Optimization: The Simplex Workbook
Uses the "modified Moore method" approach in which examples and proof opportunities are worked into...
€64.00 -50%
Combinatorial Optimization: Theory and Algorithms
This comprehensive textbook on combinatorial optimization places special emphasis on theoretical res...
Optimal Transport for Applied Mathematicians
This monograph presents a rigorous mathematical introduction to optimal transport as a variational p...
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