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A Critical Introduction to the Epistemology of Perception

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Investigating the nature and scope of our perceptual knowledge and perceptually justified belief, A Critical Introduction to the Epistemology of Perception provides an accessible and engaging introduction to a flourishing area of philosophy.Before introducing and evaluating the main theories in the epistemology of perception, Ali Hasan sets the historical background, discusses theories of perceptual experience, and looks at central controversies in general epistemology. His overview of scepticism, realism, and idealism in modern philosophy touches on classical problems in both epistemology and the philosophy of perception, showing how responses have been adapted and developed by contemporary philosophers. Presenting the theory and motivations behind sensory experience,as well as the challenges and likely objections they face, Hasan also shows how to avoid confusing metaphysical issues with epistemological ones, and identifies interesting connections between the epistemology and metaphysics of perception.As well as exploring recent controversies in the epistemology of perception, this accessible introduction reflects upon potential connections between the philosophy and science of perception. For students in epistemology or the philosophy of perception looking to better understand the central questions,concepts, and debates shaping contemporary epistemology, A Critical Introduction to the Epistemology of Perception is essential reading.

Author: Hasan Ali
Pages: 174
ISBN: 9781472526595
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2016

1. Skepticism and foundationalism in early modern philosophy
2. Realism, idealism, and common sense
3. Perceptual experience
4. An introduction to contemporary epistemology
5. Coherentism
6. Abductivism
7. Phenomenal conservatism
8. Access internalism, mentalism, and reliabilism
9. Epistemological disjunctivism

Ali Hasan is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Iowa, USA.

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