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A Thousand Plateaus

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A Thousand Plateaus is the second part of Deleuze and Guattari's landmark philosophical project, Capitalism and Schizophrenia - a project that still sets the terms of contemporary philosophical debate. Written over a seven year period, A Thousand Plateaus provides a compelling analysis of social phenomena and offers fresh alternatives for thinking about philosophy and culture. Its radical perspective provides a toolbox for 'nomadic thought' and has had a galvanizing influence on today's anti-capitalist movement.

Author: Guattari Felix
Pages: 744
ISBN: 9781780935379
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2013

Translator's Foreword: Pleasures of Philosophy

Notes on the Translation and Acknowledgements

Author's Note

1. Introduction: Rhizome

2. 1914: One or Several Wolves?

3. 10,000 BC: The Geology of Morals (Who Does the Earth Think It Is?)

4. November 20th, 1923: Postulates of Linguistics

5. 587BC-AD70: On Several Regimes of Signs

6. November 28th, 1947: How Do You Make Yourself a Body Without Organs?

7. Year Zero: Faciality

8. 1874: Three Novellas, or "What Happened?"

9. 1933: Micropolitics and Segmentarity

10. 1730: Becoming Intense, Becoming-Animal, Becoming Imperceptible...

11. 1837: Of the Refrain

12. 1227: Treatise on Nomadology - The War Machine

13. 7000BC: Apparatus of Capture

14. 1440: The Smooth and the Striated

15. Conclusion: Concrete Rules and Abstract Machines Notes


List of Illustrations


Felix Guattari (1930-1992) was a French psychoanalyst, philosopher, social theorist and radical activist. He is best known for his collaborative work with Gilles Deleuze.

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