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All Men are Brothers

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Famous for his successful leadership of non-violent Nationalist resistance to British Imperial rule in India, Mohandas K. Gandhi is one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. All Men Are Brothers brings together some of his most important writings in a single volume. As well as Gandhi's inspiring articulation of his philosophy of non-violent resistance and his thoughts on religion and theology, the book also includes reflections on topics ranging from politics, education, women's rights and technology as well as meditations on his own life. Now available in the Bloomsbury Revelations series, the book also includes a glossary of terms and a brief chronology of Gandhi's life.

Author: Gandhi Mohandas
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9781780938219
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2013


1. Autobiographical

2. Religion and Truth

3. Means and Ends

4. Ahimsa or the Way of Nonviolence

5. Self-Discipline

6. International Peace

7. Man and Machine

8. Poverty in the Midst of Plenty

9. Democracy

10. Education

11. Women

12. Miscellaneous



A Selected Bibliography

Brief Chronology of Events in Gandhi's Life


The name of Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948) is one of the most widely recognized in the world. His Autobiography has been translated into all the major languages. In the first half of his life, Gandhi suffered from a debilitating shyness. After practicing law in South Africa and India, in his middle and later years, Gandhi was recurrently in contact with the man who would inspire his assassination. Gandhi's life of peace thus always had a tragic dimension. His assassination occurred on January 30, 1948, virtually in conjunction with the declared independence of India and Pakistan.

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