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Doing Good Better: Effective Altruism and a Radical New Way to Make a Difference

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Most of us want to make a difference. We donate to charity, buy Fairtrade coffee, or try to cut down on our carbon emissions. Rarely do we know if we're really helping, and despite our best intentions, our actions can have ineffective -- and sometimes downright harmful -- outcomes. Confronting this problem, William MacAskill developed the concept of effective altruism, a practical, data-driven approach which shows that each of us has the power to do an astonishing amount of good, given the right information. His conclusions are often surprising; by examining the charities we give to, the goods we buy and the careers we pursue, Doing Good Better is a fascinating and original guide which shows how, through simple actions, you can improve thousands of lives -- including your own.

Author: Macaskill William
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781783350513
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2016

William MacAskill (born William Crouch; March 24, 1987) is a Scottish philosopher, ethicist, and notable figure within the effective altruism movement. He is Co-Principal Investigator of the Programme on the Philosophical Foundations of Effective Altruism at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford. MacAskill is the founder and president of 80,000 Hours, the co-founder and vice-president of Giving What We Can, and the author of Doing Good Better.

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