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Ethical Business Practice and Regulation: A Behavioural and Values-Based Approach to Compliance and

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This book explains the concepts of Ethical Business Practice (EBP) and Ethical Business Regulation (EBR), a new paradigm in compliance and enforcement based on behavioural science and ethics. EBR provides the basis for an effective relationship between a business and its regulators, resulting in better outcomes for both. EBR is attracting extensive attention from regulators and businesses around the world. The UK Government's 2017 Regulatory Futures Review draws on EBR as the foundation for its policy of 'regulatory self-assurance'. EBR draws on findings from behavioural science, responsive regulation, safety and business and integrity management to create a practical and holistic approach. Examples include the open culture that is essential for civil aviation safety, the Primary Authority agreements between regulators and national businesses, and feedback mechanisms provided by market vigilance systems and sectoral consumer ombudsmen. This book provides an essential blueprint for sustainable business and effective future regulation.

Author: Hodges Christopher
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9781509916368
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2017

Part I: The Ideas

1. Why Do People Conform to Rules or Break Them? Piecing Together the Evidence
2. Characteristics to Build on
3. The Traditional Way of Enforcing the Law: Deterrence
4. Fair and Proportionate Measures
5. The Need for Cooperation
6. Trust Within and in Organisations
7. How to Learn and Improve Performance: An Open Culture without Blame
8. Why Should We Be Ethical? Ethical Business Practice as Sound Commercial Strategy

Part II: Where We are Now
9. The Status of Corporate Governance
10. The Status of Regulatory Policy

Part III: What is Ethical Business Regulation?
11. Ethical Business Regulation
12. Developing Examples of Ethical Regulation

Part IV: How to Implement Ethical Business Practice and Ethical Business Regulation
13. The Cultural and Leadership Framework for Ethical Business Practice in Organisations

14. The Ethics and Compliance Framework: Values Orientation

Christopher Hodges is Professor of Justice Systems and Supernumerary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford; and Head of the Swiss Re/CMS Research Programme on Civil Justice Systems at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford.

Ruth Steinholtz is an international values-based business ethics advisor; Founder and Managing Partner of AreteWork LLP; and former General Counsel, Group Security Coordinator and Head of Ethics of Borealis AG.

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