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Libby/Libby/Hodge wrote this text based on their belief that the subject of financial accounting is inherently interesting, but financial accounting textbooks are often not. They believe that accounting is an exciting field of study and one that is important to future careers in business. When writing this text, they considered career relevance as their guide when selecting material, and the need to engage the student as their guide to style, pedagogy, and design.

Financial Accounting 11e successfully implements a real-world, single focus company approach in every chapter. The companies chosen are engaging and the decision-making focus shows the relevance of financial accounting regardless of if a student has chosen to major in accounting.

Libby/Libby/Hodge believes in the building-block approach to teaching transaction analysis. Most faculty agree that mastery of the accounting cycle is critical to success in financial accounting, and yet most financial texts introduce and develop transaction analysis in one chapter, bombarding a student early in the course with an overload of new concepts and terms. The authors slow down the introduction of transactions, giving students time to practice and gain mastery. This building-block approach leads to greater student success in their study of later topics in financial accounting such as adjusting entries.

Author: Libby Robert
Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL
Pages: 1760
ISBN: 9781398921801
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 11
Release Year: 2022

CHAPTER 1: Financial Statements and Business Decisions??
Focus Company: Le-Nature’s Inc.
CHAPTER 2: Investing and Financing Decisions and the Accounting System??
Focus Company: Chipotle Mexican Grill
CHAPTER 3: Operating Decisions and the Accounting System?
Focus Company: Chipotle Mexican Grill
CHAPTER 4: Adjustments, Financial Statements, and the Closing Process??
Focus Company: Chipotle Mexican Grill
CHAPTER 5: Communicating and Analyzing Accounting Information??
Focus Company: Apple Inc.
CHAPTER 6: Reporting and Interpreting Sales Revenue, Receivables, and Cash??
Focus Company: Skechers U.S.A.
CHAPTER 7: Reporting and Interpreting Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory??
Focus Company: Harley-Davidson, Inc.
CHAPTER 8: Reporting and Interpreting Property, Plant, and Equipment; Intangibles; and Natural Resources??
Focus Company: FedEx Corporation
CHAPTER 9: Reporting and Interpreting Liabilities?
Focus Company: Starbucks
CHAPTER 10: Reporting and Interpreting Bond Securities??
Focus Company: Amazon
CHAPTER 11: Reporting and Interpreting Stockholders’ Equity?
Focus Company: Microsoft
CHAPTER 12: Statement of Cash Flows?
Focus Company: National Beverage Corporation
CHAPTER 13: Analyzing Financial Statements??
Focus Company: The Home Depot
APPENDIX A: Reporting and Interpreting Investments in Other Corporations?
Focus Company: The Walt Disney Company
APPENDIX B: Target Corporation, Form 10-K Annual Report??
APPENDIX C: Walmart Inc., Form 10-K Annual Report?
APPENDIX D: Industry Ratio Report??
APPENDIX E: Present and Future Value Tables??

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