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From Here to Infinity: Scientific Horizons

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The BBC Radio 4 Reith Lectures were given in 2010 by the Astronomer Royal, Professor Martin Rees. In this expanded version of the lectures (doubled in length with new material) Martin Rees shows how important science will be to the global economies of the 21st century, to solving some of our apparently intractable problems and to understanding the risks that the world faces.Science is often seen as difficult or obscure, but some great scientists (like the author) are so clear that we can all understand it and participate in the great debates that should concern us all whether they are about swine flu, global warming, oil running out, or even space travel.In four dazzling chapters (plus introduction and conclusion) Martin Rees shows the pleasures and importance of science, warns all of us (including governments intent on cutting funding) why we must take science deadly seriously and why it apart from everything else it is so satisfying - one of humankind's greatest achievements.

Author: Rees Martin
Pages: 154
ISBN: 9781846685033
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2011

Mitchell Begelman is Professor of Distinction in Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences and a fellow of JILA, at the University of Colorado–Boulder. He has won several awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship, Sloan Research Fellowship, the American Astronomical Society Warner Prize, and the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award (with Martin Rees, for the first edition of Gravity's Fatal Attraction). He is also the author of Turn Right at Orion: Travels through the Cosmos.

Martin Rees is the UK's Astronomer Royal, a fellow (and former Master) of Trinity College, and was President of the Royal Society from 2005 to 2010. He is a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Pontifical Academy, the Japan Academy, and several other foreign academies. His awards include the Balzan Prize, the Bower Award, the Gruber Prize, the Crafoord Prize, and the Templeton Prize. In addition to his research publications, he has written extensively for a general readership. His ten other books include Before the Beginning, Just Six Numbers, Our Cosmic Habitat, and On the Future: Prospects for Humanity.

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