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Gravity! The Quest for Gravitational Waves

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What force do the Big Bang, the expansion of the Universe, dark matter and dark energy, black holes, and gravitational waves all have in common? This book uncovers gravity as a key to understanding these fascinating phenomena that have so captivated public interest in recent years. Readers will discover the latest findings on how this familiar force in our everyday lives powers the most colossal changes in the Universe. Written by the widely recognized French public scientist and leading astrophysicist Pierre Binetruy, the book also explains the recent experimental confirmation of the existence of gravitational waves.

Author: Binetruy Pierre
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780198796510
Cover: Hardback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2018

1: The Gravitational Force: Galileo, Newton, Einstein

2: General Relativity: From a Theory of Gravity to a Theory of the Universe

3: Observing the Universe

4: The Two Infinites

5: First Moments of the Universe: From Inflation to the First Light

6: Dark Energy and Quantum Vacuum

7: Lessons in Darkness: Black Holes

8: Gravity Turned into Waves

9: 'Seeing' the Gravitational Universe

10: Towards Which Future?

Pierre Binetruy was a theorist working on various aspects of the gravitational universe: cosmic inflation, dark energy and dark matter, black holes and gravitational waves. He was recently very active in setting up the future space gravitational wave observatory, the LISA mission. He was a professor at Universite Paris Diderot, and the director of the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics, which he established in 2010 with George Smoot, the Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 2006. He taught the online course 'Gravity!', which attracted close to 100,000 learners in its first two years.

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