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Trusted by students and lecturers for over thirty years, Steiner & Woods EU Law is the most comprehensive black letter guide to the subject, leading the reader through the subject in a straightforward way, and bringing together the expertise of two authors engaged in the teaching of EU law.

The book includes a well-balanced range of topics for students taking an EU law course at any level. Offering a careful blend of institutional and substantive coverage, it focuses on explaining the law clearly for student readers. Case detail is clearly sign-posted throughout the text, with key cases highlighted and discussed in feature boxes, ensuring students are up to speed with the most important case law in the area.

End of chapter reading suggestions, along with a detailed bibliography, provide a helpful starting point for essay preparation and independent research.

Author: Costa Marios
Pages: 800
ISBN: 9780198853848
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 14
Release Year: 2020

Part I

1:From EEC to EU: a brief history of the development of the Union
2:Institutions of the Union: composition and powers
3:Scope of the EU Treaty: laws and lawmaking
4:Principle of supremacy of EU law
5:Principles of direct applicability and direct effects
6:General principles of law
Part II
7:Framework for enforcement
8:Remedies in national courts
9:State liability
10:The preliminary rulings procedure
11:Enforcement actions
12:Direct action for annulment
13:Union liability in tort: action for damages
Part III
14:Introduction to the internal market
16:Customs union
17:Free movement of goods
18:Free movement of payments and capital
19:Citizenship: rights of free movement and residence
20:Economic rights: workers, establishment and services
21:Free movement: social rights
22:Right to receive services
23:Free movement of persons: limitations on grounds of public policy, public security, or public health
24:The area of freedom, security and justice: EU home affairs law and policy
26:Introduction to competition law
27:EU competition law


Marios Costa is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the Institute for the Study of European Law (ISEL), City Law School, University of London. His principal research interests are in the area of accountability and transparency at the EU level of governance.
Steve Peers is a British academic and an expert on the European Union. He is a Professor in the School of Law at the University of Essex. He is also the author of the popular blog eulawanalysis.blogspot.co.uk which offers his, and a variety of well-respected contributors', views on all the key developments in EU law.

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