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The Oxford Handbook of Thucydides

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The Oxford Handbook of Thucydides contains newly commissioned essays on Thucydides as an historian, thinker, and writer. It also features chapters on Thucydides' intellectual context and ancient reception. The creative juxtaposition of historical, literary, philosophical, and reception studies allows for a better grasp of Thucydides' complex project and its intellectual context, while at the same time providing a comprehensive introduction to the author's ideas. The volume is organized into four sections of papers: History, Historiography, Political Theory, and Context and Reception. It therefore bridges traditionally divided disciplines. The authors engaged to write the forty chapters for this volume include both well-known scholars and less well-known innovators, who bring fresh ideas and new points of view. Articles avoid technical jargon and long footnotes, and are written in an accessible style. Finally, the volume includes a thorough introduction prefacing each paper, as well as several maps and an up-to-date bibliography that will enable further study. The Oxford Handbook of Thucydides offers a comprehensive introduction to a thinker and writer whose simultaneous depth and innovativeness have been the focus of intense literary and philosophical study since ancient times.

Authors: Balot Ryan, Forsdyke Sara, Foster Edith
Pages: 800
ISBN: 9780190053178
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2020

Section I: Thucydides as Historian
01 Thucydides' Historical Method
Sara Forsdyke
02 Thucydides on Early Greek History
Hans van Wees
03 The Pentecontaetia
Lisa Kallet
04 Military Malaise and a Hobbled Hegemony: Sparta and the Crisis of the Peloponnesian
League in Thucydides' History
Ellen Millender
05 Thucydides on the Athenian Empire and Interstate Relations
Polly Low
06 Thucydides on the Causes and Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War
Eric Robinson
07 Thucydides on the First Ten Years of War (Archidamian War)
Peter Hunt
08 Mantinea, Decelea and the Interwar Years (421-413 BCE)
Cinzia Bearzot
09 Thucydides on the Sicilian Expedition
Emily Greenwood
10 Thucydides on the Four Hundred and the Fall of Athens
Andrew Wolpert
Section II: Thucydidean Historiography
11. Writing History Implicitly through Refined Structuring
Hunter Rawlings
12. Scale Matters: Compression, Expansion, and Vividness in Thucydides
W. R. Connor
13. The Tree, the Funnel, and the Diptych: Some Patterns in Thucydides' Longest Sentences
Jeffrey Rusten
14. Authorial Comments in Thucydides
Matthieu de Bakker
15. Thucydides and Myth: A Complex Relation to Past and Present
Rosaria Munson
16. Speeches
Antonis Tsakmakis
17. Characterization of Individuals in Thucydides' History
Philip Stadter
18. Campaign and Battle Narratives in Thucydides
Edith Foster
Section III: Thucydides and Political Theory
19. Was Thucydides a Political Philosopher?
Ryan Balot
20. Kinêsis, Navies and the Power Trap in Thucydides
Arlene Saxonhouse
21. Thucydides on Nature and Human Conduct
Clifford Orwin
22. Thucydides and the Politics of Necessity
Kinch Hoekstra and Mark Fisher
23. The Regime (Politeia) in Thucydides
Seth Jaffe
24. STASIS in the War Narrative
Michael Palmer
25. Religion, Politics, and Piety
Paul Rahe
26. Thucydides on the Political Passions
Victoria Wohl
27. Leaders and Leadership in Thucydides' History
Mary P. Nichols
28. Thucydides and Crowds
John Zumbrunnen
29. Thucydides, International Law, and International Anarchy
Arthur Eckstein
30. Xenophon as a Socratic Reader of Thucydides
Paul Ludwig
31. Political Philosophy in an Unstable World: Comparing Thucydides and Plato on the
Possibilities of Politics
Gerald Mara
Section IV: Contexts and Ancient Reception of Thucydidean Historiography
32. Thucydides' Predecessors and Contemporaries in Historical Poetry and Prose
Leone Porciani
33. Thucydides and His Intellectual Milieu
Rosalind Thomas
34. Thucydides, Epic, and Tragedy
Tobias Joho
35. Thucydides and Attic Comedy
Jeffrey Henderson
36. Thucydides and his Continuators
Vivienne Gray
37. History, Rhetoric, and Truth: Dionysius of Halicarnassus on Thucydides
Casper de Jonge
38. Polybius and Sallust
Nicolas Wiater
39. Writing with Posterity in Mind: Thucydides and Tacitus on Secession
Cynthia Damon
40. Thucydides, Procopius, and the Historians of the Later Roman Empire
Conor Whately

Ryan K. Balot is Professor of Political Science and Classics at the University of Toronto. He is the author or editor of three volumes.

Sara Forsdyke is Professor of Classical Studies and History, University of Michigan.

Edith Foster is Senior Research Associate, Case Western University and Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Strasbourg.

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