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The Well Dressed Revolutionary: The Odyssey of Michel Pablo in the Age of Uprisings

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Born in Alexandria in 1911, Michel Pablo became a leading figure in the Fourth International from its foundation in 1938. Throughout the 20th century, he was active in revolutions around the globe. His political work ranged from agitation among German troops in World War II, to supporting the Algerians in their fight for freedom, to gun-running for Che Guevara. He also drafted revolutionary legislation in Allende's Chile and Ben Bella's Algeria.

Throughout his long and eventful life, Pablo fought for a society based on 'generalised self-management' or 'direct democracy', Athenian style. He never stopped believing this utopian dream was possible.

The Well-Dressed Revolutionary is a meticulously researched biography of an exciting international figure (and his partner, Elly Diovouniotis) - and a cracking good read.

Author: Greenland Hall
Pages: 386
ISBN: 9780902869103
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2023

Hall Barry Greenland (born 1944), is an Australian political activist. He participated in the Freedom Rides. He studied history at the University of Sydney in the 1960s and was a president of the Labor Club in 1964. As an editor of Honi Soit in 1966 he was highly critical of the war in Vietnam. During the 1970s he wrote for Rolling Stone and The Digger. He served on Leichhardt Council and is the recipient of a Walkley Award. In 2013 he was the Australian Greens candidate for Grayndler.He is the author of a biography of Nick OriglassRed Hot: The Life and Times of Nick Origlass.

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