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Concepts and Problems for Mathematical Competitors
This book presents the mathematical methods that students need when preparing for competitions, whet...
The Stair-Step Approach in Mathematics
This book is intended as a teacher’s manual and as an independent-study handbook for students and ma...
Grade Five Competition from the Leningrad Mathematical Olympiad: 1979-1992
This unique book presents mathematical competition problems primarily aimed at upper elementary scho...
Recurrent Sequences: Key Results, Applications, and Problems
This self-contained text presents state-of-the-art results on recurrent sequences and their applicat...
Mathematical Tapas: Volume 2 (From Undergraduate to Graduate Level)
This textbook presents a collection of interesting and sometimes original exercises for motivated st...
Algebraic Inequalities
This unique collection of new and classical problems provides full coverage of algebraic inequalitie...
Proof and the Art of Mathematics: Examples and Extensions
How to write mathematical proofs, shown in fully worked-out examples. This companion volume to Joel...
€36.40 -10%
The Mathematics Lover's Companion: Masterpieces for Everyone
Twenty-three mathematical masterpieces for exploration and enlightenment How can a shape have more...
€17.50 -10%
117 Polynomial Problems from the AwesomeMath Summer Program
Polynomials form the cornerstone of modern mathematics and other discrete fields and this book will...
€70.50 -10%
Graphs: An Introduction
The book bridges between the enthusiastic problem solver and the beautiful field of graphs. It takes...
€70.50 -10%
Topics in Functional Equations
Anyone involved in math Olympiads, either in the US or across the world, needs to have a firm ground...
€70.50 -10%
Topics in Geometric Inequalities
Cross discipline discoveries with multiple solutions provided makes Topics in Geometric Inequalities...
€70.50 -10%
Α Romanian Problem Book
The authors learned a lot of mathematics from the problems encountered in various Romanian national...
€70.50 -10%
118 Inequalities for Mathematics Competitions
This book would certainly help Olympiad students who wish to prepare for the study of inequalities,...
€70.50 -10%
Math Leads for Mathletes, Book 2
Middle school students will ignite their passion for problem solving with the second book of the Mat...
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