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The Stair-Step Approach in Mathematics
This book is intended as a teacher’s manual and as an independent-study handbook for students and ma...
€60.40 -47%
Grade Five Competition from the Leningrad Mathematical Olympiad: 1979-1992
This unique book presents mathematical competition problems primarily aimed at upper elementary scho...
€47.70 -49%
Recurrent Sequences: Key Results, Applications, and Problems
This self-contained text presents state-of-the-art results on recurrent sequences and their applicat...
€53.00 -50%
Mathematical Tapas: Volume 2 (From Undergraduate to Graduate Level)
This textbook presents a collection of interesting and sometimes original exercises for motivated st...
€37.10 -49%
Algebraic Inequalities
This unique collection of new and classical problems provides full coverage of algebraic inequalitie...
€47.70 -49%
Proof and the Art of Mathematics: Examples and Extensions
How to write mathematical proofs, shown in fully worked-out examples. This companion volume to Joel...
€36.40 -10%
The Mathematics Lover's Companion: Masterpieces for Everyone
Twenty-three mathematical masterpieces for exploration and enlightenment How can a shape have more...
€17.50 -10%
117 Polynomial Problems from the AwesomeMath Summer Program
Polynomials form the cornerstone of modern mathematics and other discrete fields and this book will...
€70.50 -10%
Graphs: An Introduction
The book bridges between the enthusiastic problem solver and the beautiful field of graphs. It takes...
€70.50 -10%
Topics in Functional Equations
Anyone involved in math Olympiads, either in the US or across the world, needs to have a firm ground...
€70.50 -10%
Topics in Geometric Inequalities
Cross discipline discoveries with multiple solutions provided makes Topics in Geometric Inequalities...
€70.50 -10%
Α Romanian Problem Book
The authors learned a lot of mathematics from the problems encountered in various Romanian national...
€70.50 -10%
118 Inequalities for Mathematics Competitions
This book would certainly help Olympiad students who wish to prepare for the study of inequalities,...
€70.50 -10%
Math Leads for Mathletes, Book 2
Middle school students will ignite their passion for problem solving with the second book of the Mat...
€64.50 -10%
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2020
This annual anthology brings together the year’s finest mathematics writing from around the world. F...
€26.80 -10%


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