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Smooth Manifolds and Observables
This textbook demonstrates how differential calculus, smooth manifolds, and commutative algebra cons...
€53.00 -50%
The Probability Map of the Universe: Essays on David Albert’s Time and Chance
Philosophers debate the ideas and implications of one of the most important contemporary works in th...
€47.70 -10%
Quantum Field Theory, as Simply as Possible
Quantum field theory is by far the most spectacularly successful theory in physics, but also one of...
€46.60 -10%
Quantum Mechanics: A Paradigms Approach
This popular undergraduate quantum mechanics textbook is now available in a more affordable printing...
€68.00 -10%
Fascinating Problems for Young Physicists: Discovering Everyday Physics Phenomena and Solving Them
Problem-solving is the cornerstone of all walks of scientific research. Fascinating Problems for You...
€34.00 -10%
On the Trail of Blackbody Radiation: Max Planck and the Physics of his Era
An account of Max Planck's construction of his theory of blackbody radiation, summarizing the establ...
€39.90 -10%
Quantum Computing: From Alice to Bob
Quantum Computing: From Alice to Bob provides a distinctive and accessible introduction to the rapid...
€41.90 -10%
Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications
An innovative approach to quantum mechanics that seamlessly combines textbook and problem-solving bo...
€49.40 -10%
A Prelude to Quantum Field Theory
Quantum field theory is a powerful framework that extends quantum mechanics in ways that are essenti...
€31.50 -10%
From Random Walks to Random Matrices: Selected Topics in Modern Physics
Theoretical physics is a cornerstone of modern physics and provides a foundation for all modern quan...
€50.60 -10%
Problems in Quantum Field Theory: With Fully-Worked Solutions
This collection of problems in Quantum Field Theory, accompanied by their complete solutions, aims t...
€54.40 -10%
Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Mechanics
The book gives a streamlined introduction to quantum mechanics while describing the basic mathematic...
Simply Quantum Physics
A clear, simple, graphic-led introduction to quantum physics.Are you short of time but hungry for kn...
€14.40 -10%
Quantum Sense and Nonsense
Permeated by the author's delightful humor, this little book explains, with nearly no mathematics, t...
€38.50 -10%
Foundations of Modern Physics
In addition to his ground-breaking research, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg is known for a series of...
€49.90 -10%


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