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Covering history, theoretical approaches, and contemporary issues, Global Political Economy provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject.Leading international scholars offer students a sophisticated but accessible account of the fieldA range of pedagogical features and an Online Resource Centre supports student learning, and encourages them to take a wider interest in the subject.New to this Edition:The new edition has been updated with material on the on-going global financial crisis.Contributors consider whether the optimistic BRIC scenarios will be realised, and explore the crises in global governance.

Author: Ravenhill John
Pages: 536
ISBN: 9780198820642
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 6
Release Year: 2020

Part I Theoretical Approaches to Global Political Economy
1:The Study of Global Political Economy, John Ravenhill
2:The Nineteenth-Century Roots of Theoretical Traditions in Global Political Economy, Matthew Watson
3:Cooperation and Conflict in the Global Political Economy, Cédric Dupont and Vinod Aggarwal
4:The Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policies, Michael J Hiscox
Part II Global Trade and Production
5:The Evolution of the Global Trade Regime, Silke Trommer
6:Regional Trade Agreements, John Ravenhill
7:The Globalization of Production, Eric Thun
Part III Global Finance
8:The Evolution of the International Monetary and Financial System, Eric Helleiner and Melsen Babe
9:Financial Openness and the Challenge of Global Governance, Louis W Pauly
Part IV Globalization and the State
10:The Logics of Economic Globalization, Anthony McGrew
11:Globalization's Impact on States, Colin Hay
Part V Development, Equality, and the Environment
12:Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Power and Evidence in Global 'Best Practice' Economic Policy, Robert Hunter Wade
13:The Political Economy of Development, Nicola Phillips
14:The Political Economy of the Environment, Peter Dauvergne

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