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Introducing Intersectionality

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How can we hope to understand social inequality without considering race, class, and gender in tandem? How do they interact with other categories such as sexuality, citizenship, and ableism? How does an inclusive analysis of domination and privilege move us closer to solutions touching the lives of diverse populations?

In this clearly written book, Mary Romero presents intersectionality as a core facet of the sociological imagination. One-dimensional approaches are no longer acceptable. Instead, we must examine all systems of oppression simultaneously and how they integrate and work with or against each other to shape life experiences. Recognizing the dynamics of patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy, Romero shows how social inequality is maintained or minimized in various social settings and everyday sites of interaction. Drawing the theoretical threads together, the book demonstrates intersectional approaches in action in relation to the care crisis and wealth divide, to highlight the different understandings of these issues and their solutions arising from a comprehensive, intersectional examination.

Offering an overview of scholarly and activist tradition in the development of intersectionality and how to apply intersectionality as a lens to enrich our understandings of social life, this introductory text will be an invaluable and welcome resource for all students of sociology.

Author: Romero Mary
Pages: 212
ISBN: 9780745663678
Cover: Paperback
Edition Number: 1
Release Year: 2018


1. Identifying Intersectionality

2. Where Does Intersectionality Come From?

3. Intersectionality in Everyday Campus Life

4. Intersectionality and Social Identities: Examining Gender

5. Exploring Interlocking Systems of Oppression and Privilege

6. Intersectional Approaches to Social Issues: The Wealth Gap, the Care Crisis, and Black Lives Matter

Conclusion: Intersectionality and Social Justice

Mary Romero is Professor of Justice Studies and Social Inquiry at Arizona State University, and 110th President of the American Sociological Association

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